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As many of you may have heard, there are changes happening in our sport.  Here is a release from the respected CBFF chairperson Georgina Dunnington.  Once more information is annouced we will post it here.

To all Current CBBF Athletes:
Due to recent communications with regards to the structure of the Vancouver Pro Show opening a new amateur pro-qualifying event. There have been several comments that the CBBF appears to be idle and have not provided a statement on what the future will be of the CBBF.

Let me assure you that the CBBF is dedicated to all of our Amateur Athletes and our Provincial Associations. The CBBF wanted to have all of the facts in order to make an informed decision that would be best for all involved before issuing a formal statement.

The CBBF upon return from Las Vegas asked the major questions of both organizations as to how this will affect Canada and our organization. We have received only communications from one side that has completely answered our questions. Having seen the letter from Michelle Krack has now answered the questions that were still unanswered for us.

At this point I can only ask for your patience as we have to discuss with our Provincial Associations how we are going to proceed before we can communicate this to our membership. The CBBF in no way wants to see our Provincial Associations disbanded as we offer an invaluable service to all of the amateur athletes throughout Canada.

The CBBF will be meeting this evening put this timeline plan in place. Please remember we are also working on four International events that are happening in the next three months and we all have full time jobs that take precedence.

We hope to have all of our questions answered in the coming days and if not the coming weeks as we have to work with the schedules of all 10 provinces.

Georgina Dunnington CBBF Chairperson