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October 30, 2017

Phoenix, AZ


STATUS FITNESS MAGAZINE is pleased to announce Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove Photography as its newest accredited photographer.

Sarah is one of the most popular fitness photographers of the past ten years. Her background in business and real estate negotiations have helped her to form an effective business model, and her love of fitness, modeling and photography are clear when she’s on set, collaborating with her models. She will join the photography super team, led by world-renowned David Ford, to bring fresh and exciting imagery to the magazine. Read more about Sarah here:

Lyons says:

"Joining the Status Fitness team is a dream come true for me. I'm working with the best in magazine publications, which means nothing but the best for the models I am working with and their careers too."

Editor-in-Chief, Rodney Jang:

” Sarah is one of the most committed and caring fitness photographers I have ever met. Her unique style will compliment Status Fitness magazine's high pictorial standards as well as any model’s personal portfolio. Welcome to the Status team.”


Status Fitness Magazine has been a reader favorite since it hit newsstands in 2006.  Geared to everyone from the weekend fitness enthusiast to the hardcore competitive athlete, Status delivers current, reliable and valuable knowledge to anyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle. 

Status focuses on presenting its information with the highest quality photography, design, layout, and in the case of its print publication, paper stock. Status is not only available as a high quality, attractive print publication, but is also available through various technologies, allowing access to the masses. 

Status avails itself to its readers though direct market avenues: subscription, newsstands, supplement stores, gyms and fitness centers and industry trade shows. Status Fitness Magazine is second to none.

That is why it’s known as The World’s Best Fitness, Bodybuilding and MMA Magazine.

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