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New Westminster, British Columbia. Status Fitness Magazine will be in attendance fully supporting the sport of bodybuilding and fitness at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic. Each year many British Columbia Amateur Body Building Association athletes are featured in Status Fitness Magazine print version that is seen on news stands not only across Canada but also the USA. Be sure to watch for our detailed coverage of this event.

Leigh and Dean Brandt have been successfully promoting shows in British Columbia since 2009. Dean reflects, “In 2009 I ran the first bikini model class and had to bring in my own judges and run the event during intermission because the organization at the time didn’t recognize bikini as an official class. PVL owner Jim McMahon, Fitness Cover Model Annette Milbers and Rodney Jang, the Editor-in-Chief of Status Fitness Magazine, were my celebrity judges.”


This show is special because of the people and the support behind it!

The Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic is an exciting show that sets the bar high. Dean explains, “This show is special because of the people and the support behind it! With Leigh Brandt as host, our amazing MC Kim Farrison and our resident DJ on stage, it has really tuned into an entertaining night, rather then your typical bodybuilding event. As a promoter that has been on every side of these shows, from a competitor myself, to a sales rep working a booth in the lobby, to a coach in the audience supporting his athletes, or a family member there to see their son or daughter compete for the first time, I really understand the details involved to make sure everyone leaves feeling like they had a positive experience competing or attending at a Xtreme Promotion promoted Event.”

Having extensive experience in all facets of the industry definitely allows the Brandts to promote a quality event. The ability to understand and relate to the competitors back stage plays a key role. They understand the importance of running an organized show so that the classes run efficiently and on schedule. This allows the competitors to focus on bringing their best to the stage.


The Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic is a staple event in the BCABBA. Many of the best local talent, in not only Vancouver but in all of BC participate in this event. A big part of the shows' success can be attributed to the hard work of the leaders of show, Leigh and Dean Brandt. I have know Dean and Leigh for around ten years and admire their dedication, commitment, candidness, and passion for fitness and the athletes well being. They have all the key attributes to put on a great show for the athletes and their friends and families. Status Fitness will be there in full force to support Dean and Leigh as well as all the athletes in the show. Look to see show reviews as well as select athletes featured in Status Fitness. Considered one of the best bodybuildings of all time and Hall of Famer, Mike O'Hearn is the developer of a great training program "Power Bodybuilding". Mike is also a featured columnist for Status Fitness Magazine. It is a great opportunity for athletes and fans to meet this living legend.



I’m also very excited to bring out hall of fame bodybuilder and a true legend in the sport, Mike O'Hearn to guest pose at the evening show in addition to hosting a 3-hour training seminar on Sunday.

This year is already looking to top last years show with a record of more than thirty companies sponsoring the event. What does this mean? It means more great prize bags for all the competitors. To add even more to an amazing weekend, Dean shares, “I’m also very excited to bring out hall of fame bodybuilder and a true legend in the sport, Mike O’Hearn to guest pose at the evening show in addition to hosting a 3-hour training seminar on Sunday.”

This 2016 show will also debut the new “Classic Physique” men’s division and the overall winner of this category will win an Apple Watch. Other notable prizes are the Neil Anderson Sculptures presented to top 3 in every class and tiaras for the Bikini overall winners. 

An exciting addition to this year’s show is the prestigious David Ford Choice Award for the Most Marketable athlete in the show – male or female. David, who now resides in Vancouver, has photographed the biggest names in the fitness and MMA industries and is respected as one of the top photographers in the fitness world. This prize is valued at $6999.00! Dean shares, “The David Ford award is a very prestigious award to win at these events, as competitors know of David’s high quality work within the industry and winning his award has proven in the past to really launch or highlight numerous amateur athletes careers through exposure in Status Fitness Magazine.”  

The David Ford award is a very prestigious award and has proven in the past to really launch or highlight numerous amateur athletes careers through exposure in Status Fitness Magazine.

Dean and Leigh would like to thank all their supporters. “Our shows would not be the success they are without the many amazing BCABBA volunteers, our MC, my company team, all our Bodybybrandt team members and all the company sponsors that have supported us since we started back in 2009. It really is a team effort to put these events on and we the promoters really only act as the conductors to bring things all together.”


I have had the privilege to photograph thousands of athletes over the years but have to say there is something special about "discovering new faces" that are marketable in the fitness industry. Many of my winners have gone on to national and pro status in the IFBB. It is rewarding knowing my photos played a role in the successful marketing of many elite competitors. I am excited for the 2016 Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic and meeting dozens of new competitors embarking on their first show. Remember, you can make an impact regardless of where you place. Smile and have fun and leave the rest to the hard work you have put in to your training and stage-presence practice. See you all on March 19.




Xtreme Promotions is known across the country for putting on exciting events. Leigh Brandt is Canada’s first IFBB Pro Bikini competitor and has been competing in the IFBB Pro League since 2011. Dean Brandt is a national level physique competitor who has successfully finished in the top 3 at the CBBF Nationals for the past 3 years. The husband and wife team continue to be active competitors while successfully promoting shows and coaching a large team of clients for amateur shows around the province.

If you would like to know more about this show or others promoted by Xtreme Promotions, be sure to visit the website: www.xtremepromotions.org


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