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Burnaby, Studio 604. The BCABBA started their 2017 season with excitement. Each year the association holds a number of sanctioned posing and information events that provide the competitors - and potential competitors - all the insights they need to know to prepare them for the Open and Traditional (tested) streams. The BCABBA holds 9 shows in the province each year starting with the Leigh Brandt Classic in March through to the Popeye's Fall Classic in November. Of these 9 shows, 3 are Traditional stream complying with WADA testing mandates. There is a show for everyone! Learn more about the shows on the BCABBA website here.

Studio 604 in Burnaby played host to well over 100 competitors, plus an experienced group of professionals that covered a wide range of topics in a comprehensive and timely manner. In the lobby, about ten exhibitor booths were set up displaying supplements, clothing and more.

[BCABBA President Ross Duncan presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]


[BCABBA President Ross Duncan presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Head Judge Wayne karlin presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Head of Performance & Ethics Compliance Angela Ford presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Athletes Service Coordinator Tamara Knight presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Events Coordinator Shawn Tan presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Digital Media Coordinator Rey Rey excited and ready to start his presentation at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]

[BCABBA Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Matt Tsinkorang presenting at the annual sanctioned posing seminar]



"I have had the honor of photographing many shows for the BCABBA since 2004. As the official BCABBA I appreciate the effort the association puts into the competitors - ensuring they are educated and well prepared for their upcoming shows. This preperation enables me to capture the best stage photographs possible that are great for memories, banners and posters, judges' feedback and self critique. As the 2017 season starts to wind up, I look forward to seeing many of you on stage as well as working with many of you looking to make an impact in the fitness industry through the strongest photos possible for quality print tear sheets and online opportunities as well. Thank you for supporting the BCABBA." - David Ford, BCABBA & ABBA Official Photographer


[Some of the BCABBA Executive & Posing Instructors]


[BCABBA Media Team including Digital Media Coordinator Rey Rey, his assistant, and Matt Tsinkorang having fun behind the scenes.]



Status Fitness would like to thank BCABBA Official Stage Photographer David Ford & BCABBA Official Backstage photographer Ali Sohrab for the special photo coverage of this exciting event. Be sure to follow Status Fitness throughout the year to see many reports, reviews and interviews with BCABBA competitors.

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