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You've worked hard, you've done everything right, you've put yourself out there and FINALLY the opportunities are starting to present themselves!!!

If one thing stands true in the fitness industry it’s that, if you persist with tenacity, if you consistently stand for something, if you lead with passion and's only a matter of time before others take notice and want to be a part of what you are putting out there!! 



The fitness industry can be easy-come and easy-go and can swallow you whole faster than you have a chance to prove yourself. You can receive superficial success very easily... cutting corners, stepping your way to the top, standing for nothing and representing everything. But if you constantly work on a base that is true to who you are - building, creating, progressing your value each step of the way - your time to shine will come.  But when your time comes to shine bright and all eyes are on you, how can you maximize this spotlight to allow it to shine bright for generations to come?!!



An amazing way to build your brand and to create value is to stand with like-minded influences who represent quality products and brands that compliment your values, lifestyle and beliefs.  The fitness industry is known for trends, fads, quick fixes and magic tricks…it’s a beautiful thing that this industry keeps evolving and provides so many avenues for growth and exploration, but it’s key to stay true to you.  It can be appealing to represent any other brand under the sun that is willing to give you free product, but remember, your time and value creation is an asset and you want to use your asset to benefit those that help you move forward. 


Success is contagious and there is enough success in this world for everyone.


Creating win-win relationships that help you as much as you help them will help you grow your place in the industry.  When you can stand behind something and at the same time stand for something, you will successfully brand yourself as an independent.  This is key if you want to build your star within the industry. When you are on the same team with value as a backbone you will grow and continue to become your brand without getting lost in building someone else’s. 

Creating win-wins is ultimately the power of a network.  Success is contagious and there is enough success in this world for everyone.  The power of network and the ability to feed from great energy is what makes for abundant success.  To attract the energy that can move you forward, create limitless opportunities and to live your dreams, it is of utmost importance to surround yourself with the believers, the dreamers, the doers and the world-changers.  These like-minded go-getters will want to help you as much as you help them, making success inevitable at many stops along the way.




If you dream to represent the fitness lifestyle, to be a fitness ambassador, living your passion and creating a presence within it, you have to live the lifestyle.

Have you ever followed someone on social media, been so inspired and looked up to this person, traveled to meet this person in person, at an event, only to realize that he or she is not genuine, has no interest in meeting you, does not look how they look online and lets you down terribly? The impact this type of impression makes on that person’s belief in the industry as a whole is huge.  One bad impression can poison the reputations for the brands and personalities that are associated with this person or his/her lifestyle.  Now think of this scenario and put yourself in the shoes of the person that others are coming to meet and ask yourself these questions:


- Is what you promote, who you really are?

- Are you a consistent presence?

- Do you provide consistent, valuable content and action for others to relate to?

- Are you the same online as you are in person?


To be a shining star, you must be the person you say you are.  You cannot hide behind a screen and only emote that personality for 60-second video spurts…your followers and those you influence are counting on you to be that person.  Do not let them down.

When you are consistent and real and your time to shine comes, you simply just have to be yourself.  It’s you that everyone has fallen in love with, who they have followed and gotten to know and who they are now paying attention to your every move!



Ultimate success is realized through persistently and consistently believing that the purpose is much greater that the near-sighted reward.  Success is going after your visions and dreams with an ultimate purpose to educate forward.  When you persistently and consistently live your message and create the life you live, you undoubtedly spread your message through all that you do.  To continually educate and practice the steps each day towards your ultimate success, you will live success ultimately each day.



Many times you will have tried for an opportunity, only to find that the timing was not quite right. A ‘no’ now is not a ‘no’ forever.  If you remain active and present within the industry, if you are professionally persistent with the follow-up and if you continue to create and add to your asset value, it will only be a matter of time before the opportunity presents itself to you again.  Even better, if you were not fit for the missed opportunity, but you remain present and active and involved, an opportunity will be created for you or you will create the opportunity.


It’s up to you to execute and to continue to drive your brand, your company, and your presence in the world you wish to live. 


To be top of mind, a recognizable figure and someone that represents health and wellness for others to aspire towards, you must be active and involved and present in the industry.  It’s important that you are consistent through good and bad and trial and error and through the nos and the yeses for the infinite possibilities to come.  Your starshine moment may not be on the first request, it may be on the 9th or 10th, but one thing is for sure… if you give up, the chances of the anyone chasing you are slim to none and the opportunity will be granted to another great candidate.  It’s up to you to execute and to continue to drive your brand, your company, and your presence in the world you wish to live. 



Be a positive light in someone’s day, inspire someone through your actions, your experiences.  We have the power to inspire a positive change in others’ lives.  This does not mean you have to walk around with a permanent smile and donate your time to every person in your path to help them live a better life…this simply means, see the good in others, see our similarities without judgement, see ignorance as an opportunity to educate.  I love the theory of asking why not, when others have allowed their habitual programming to not allow them past the ‘why’.


With consistent, positive intention, your message now will be used to encourage others as well as yourself.  Taking negativity to the social media platforms or even negative talk between you and others does nothing to help your success or anyone else’s.   Success is abundant, but nothing puts a stop to a successful brand, personality, influencer, or ambassador faster than a negative mind or an envious outburst.  To truly shine, you must be a light that others are attracted to.




Don’t try to just be ‘better than’.  If you look at yourself, your purpose and your goal as a mission to be better than, you will simply solely succeed in being exactly that… better than. When you set out to be different, you take on a whole new mindset, you stand apart and through the mission of thinking, acting, resulting in ‘different’, you learn an entire different set of lessons than had you just set out to ‘better than’. When you ask yourself, ‘how am I different?’ You start the search of learning your purpose, who and what you stand for, your values and how you can build a consistent message in the industry. When your ‘different’ is matched with your ‘consistent’ and ‘real’, your recipe is unique and is sure to stand out in an industry of abundant ‘sameness’!!



It’s you!

Be your Brand, Create your Value, Live your Passion: The best investment you can make when given an opportunity and the chance to shine your star is yourself.  Make decisions based on your stock value…yourself being your stock and all decisions you make either being a value add or subtract.


Be your Brand, Create your Value, Live your Passion.

When building your asset value, it is important to remember that value is created in a multitude of ways.  Just because you have made the investment does not mean you can automatically demand the return you wish to receive.  Asset Value and Creation can pay off in many forms and types of dividends that are not preceded with a dollar sign.   


Where many of us fall short and are quick to give way to our dreams and settle back into an old routine or lesser goal is that we view opportunities and payoff as very short term…we are programmed as a working class culture to put in time and receive a paycheck for work done or hours put in. Investing in yourself and creating your brand requires a long-term approach, vision and strategy; most successes are years in the making even with a clear vision for the outcome.


Continually increase your asset value by creating your voice, creating content and investing in your personal growth.  Schedule in time to write: Blog posts, Instagram posts, articles about things that come to your mind or struggles you’ve faced. Maybe it’s as simple as how you achieve your lifestyle each day?  Or, a pain that you have overcome? Do not just output content, consume content! Read and consume as much information from those that inspire you and are in the position you one day hope to be.


Whatever you want to promote or share, start promoting and sharing it!!! You will find your voice and your writing will grow as you do. Schedule a monthly article creation and save it for submissions.  Whether you are published or not, in one year you will have an awesome database of content.  Keep growing this database and submitting and as you grow your audience, share this database with the audience you are creating.  Free, valuable content is always welcomed and can be repurposed to many different audiences, seasons and growth cycles you will experience.




I have had the opportunity within my fitness adventure to stand in the shoes as business owner, gym owner, employer, sponsored athlete, fitness competitor, published fitness model, brand ambassador, social media influencer, eBook publisher, app creator, columnist, writer, designer, CEO, CMO, bookkeeper and all around adventure ambassador. This rainbow of experience in all aspects of fitness and business has blessed me towards living each day passionately and finding new ways to inspire, adventure and create my audience.  I have been blessed to grace stages of scale large and small, am continually honored to represent companies I stand behind, and I am incredible fortunate to share my voice with you all through platforms and publications such as these, but nothing is more important than the star you shine each day when you see your reflection in the mirror. 


The stage is your walk and the audience is your smile so make it count for you and the rest will be sure to follow.


The stage is your walk and the audience is your smile so make it count for you and the rest will be sure to follow.


There are so many ways to succeed in your passion.  With the proper plan of action and execution any goal you set and dream you dream will come true. And remember; Life is created outside of the comfort zone. 

Always growing, always learning, always shining bright.


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