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Status Fitness Magazine is celebrating its 10th year as a fitness publication.  Being on newsstands for 10 years and available in 42 countries is something we are really proud of. During this period, we have promoted many exciting events and we are proud to announce that 2016 is quickly becoming even more exciting!

We recently returned from the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio where we met many of those participating in our popular model search. The feedback has been tremendous as many have taken advantage of the opportunity to meet and mingle and get to know each other a little better. That is a huge reason why we like to include the social media portion of the model search.

We want to thank all of our partners and sponsors for making all this possible. We would like to especially thank VPX Sports, Gaspari Nutrition and Magnum Nutraceuticals. It is because of companies like this that we can bring you - the athletes and models - these amazing opportunities.

Over the past year we have enjoyed getting to know each person that participated in our model search through emails, chats in person and social media conversations. There are so many inspirational stories, transformations and stories of personal triumph. Everyone participating was not only showcasing their outward beauty but they revealed their inside beauty to us as well. The stories fueled many up and coming models - of every age. We have received dozens of emails telling us how the model search has encouraged people to step outside their comfort zone and pursue opportunities they didn’t think possible only months ago.



The search has been a tremendous amount of fun with many participants finding unique ways of promotion - from TV, radio and newspapers, to gym posters, flyers, fan pages and more. We constantly receive emails and phone calls thanking us for the fun year and the opportunities that have come from the model search - making friends, and making key industry contacts. We are excited to hear your feedback as well at 1-888-304-3201 and at

Since 2009, Status Fitness has provided the platform for new models to follow in the footsteps of industry greats that have posed for the cover of Status Fitness Magazine. Over the years we have seen Jennifer Nicole Lee, Nicole Wilkins, Ava Cowan, Monica Brant, Jelena Abbou, Jenna Renee, Felicia Romero, Chady Dunmore and others grace our covers. Our cover model search opens the door for ladies of all levels to achieve those same exposure opportunities. This dream has come true for the likes of Melissa Morrison, Jen Jewell and more... and you could be next. How exciting is that!!


>>> Melissa Morrison, winner of the 2011 World's Sexiest Fitness Model Contest <<<


As a top 100 winner, these girls have now earned the right to be in the prestigious category of Status Symbol 2016. Having earned this status, each girl is also entitled to wear the coveted Top 100 t-shirts and tank top. Models, you can get yours HERE! 


>>> Lauren Stogner, as seen in Issue 28 (Photo: David Ford) <<<


>>> Nicole Matthews, as seen in Issue 28 (Photo: David Ford) <<<



What do we look for in our model search? We want models and athletes that best exemplify fitness and beauty. We want women that will motivate our female and male readers alike. With the help of each participant, our readers, friends, fans, followers in social media, and our ten industry photographer judging panel, we are confident in showcasing whomever wins because we know she will be beautiful inside and out and will be inspiring.

It is with great pleasure that we showcase the TOP 100 WORLD’S SEXIEST FITNESS MODELS here, in alphabetical order...

Adrienne Ochoa Dodobara Alicia Tena Chiesa Allana Jones Allison Diaz
Alyx Ulbrich Amanda Kotel Amanda Lea Amber Anne Webster
Amber Roberson Andrea Leipert Angela Adara Arianna Hernandez
Arianne Andrade Ashley Kaltwasser Ashley Lynn Peternell Ashley Packard
Ashley Todosey Audra Thrush Bobbie Cameron Brenda Lennax
Brianne Megan Perron Brittany Bolt Carmen Telford Chantal Van Loggenberg
Christine Bogle Danielle Couvillion Diana Bello Diana Skific
Ellierose O'Rourke Erica Rantucci Fiona Groves Gillian Faith McRae
Gina Marie Luciano Gurpreet Takhar Harj Hadani Heidi Cannon
Jaclyn Wilson Jana Hare Jenna Rene Jesse Humphrey
Jesse Lee Gray Jessica Crome Jill Nash Kari Lynn Zylstra
Karly Rose Postma Katrina Brandt Kaylee Mascia Kayleigh Farrell
Kelly Gifford Khamla Banavong Kimberly Bassett Kimberly McKenzie
Kirsty Mascia Lada Plihalova Lani Britt Lauren Simpson
Laurie Havens Lesley Horwood Lila Tighe Phillips Lindsay Bilyk
Lindsay Lylick Lindsay Pinsonneault Magdalena Cieslak Mariah McDonnell
Marlo Vandenbrink Mayann Adriano Melissa Ma Colbert Melissa Morrison
Michelle Desormeaux Merill Michelle Jeanpierre Nadia Van der Heyden Natalie Luders
Nichelle Laus Nicky Scott Nikii Duke Paige Hathaway
Rachael Senkow Rachel Palvetzian Robyn Gill Sally Anderson
Sandy Punia Sara Sutherland Sarah Fowler Sasha Katrina
Shanell Ceko Shannon Petralito Shayna Young Stacey Taylor
Stacy Rafferty Susan Halcro Tamara Samuel Tammy Beaulieu
Tea Cuk Teresa Popowicz Tonya Eddy Traci Lynn Cowan
Tricia Bold Olson Tula Dewald Vendella Sonia Yvette Bradley

(Photos and photographer credit/release supplied by the individual models or photographers)

Stay tuned... we will be announcing the Top 25 soon!


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