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Issue 29 is going to be a record-breaker for Status Fitness.  For the third time, fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL) will be gracing the cover of the World’s Best Fitness, Bodybuilding and MMA Magazine. We caught up with JNL recently and talked about this history-making cover!

SFM: Jennifer! You are an international fitness celebrity who has built her own empire. You have appeared on nearly 80 magazine covers over the past 12 years (three of those with SFM) – what are your secrets to success and, more so, longevity in this fast-changing industry?
JNL: I think it’s so important to follow your passions before anything else. I have some basic principles that I always go back to:
-    You can’t set your expectations too high
-    You must set realistic goals
-    You can never underestimate the value of hard work. So many people say that they really ‘want it’ but they think it’s going to be handed to them. That isn’t realistic.
I always remember to give back, and help others along the way. We all need help getting through.


You can never underestimate the value of hard work. So many people say that they really ‘want it’ but they think it’s going to be handed to them. That isn’t realistic.

SFM: What do you see as being important and trending now in the world of fitness and fashion? What do you see going into the future?
JNL: I really love how we are merging technology with everything now. There are tons of fun and techy fitness apps and trackers that are really user friendly. There so many detailed fitness-related downloads. I’m a total nerd and I could spend hours looking at these things. I really see this as being the way to globally market fitness to everyone and I think it’s definitely going to be continuing into the future.

SFM: You are SO busy: you are a recently divorced mother of two, you run JNL Worldwide, you’re the face of many fitness and fashion brands and the body of fitness products across the world. How do you manage to stay in shape, juggling it all, and keep your sanity? 
JNL: I really have to departmentalize my ‘to do’ list. Time management is SO important to me. I’ve learned to say no to frivolous things for the greater good. I really believe in the power of the mind and I focus my mind to see the good and cut out the negatives; we have to tell ourselves that good enough is good enough. We’ll never be perfect. Be good to yourself.

SFM: You are, in addition to so many things, a best-selling author. Tell us about your passion for writing and why it’s important to you to continue writing and putting out great new books.
JNL: No matter what, writing is very therapeutic for me. Going through so much in my life, I find writing to be a way to share and to really leverage information. It’s also about efficiency. I get asked a LOT of questions by a LOT of people. This way I can sort of answer all the questions once and then people have one place to go to get it all. Again it’s about streamlining. I want to have time with my kids. I want to be a good role model. I don’t want to be the frazzled mom. And I think I convey that in my books - I want other moms to see where I was and how I got to where I am now because anyone can do it with confidence, respect and dignity.


I want to have time with my kids. I want to be a good role model. 

SFM: So tell us more about your innovative new online community, Jolt of JNL (www.JoltOfJNL.com)! 
JNL: I am so excited about this. Wow. It will really Jolt you. It’s an online community geared towards the modern-day busy woman. I have spent a decade putting all this knowledge together that can be found in one place.  There’s fashion, exercise, diet, nutrition… the good and the bad – all your questions answered. We talk beauty, fashion, and provide inspiration and motivation. There are exclusive videos that you won’t find anywhere else. And it’s so much more than just a ‘fitness’ website. It really is a community that I’m hoping will empower women. You can get Jolt of JNL of only $47.00 and then you have access to SO much. It’s seriously amazing.

SFM: Jennifer, you seem to be living your life to the fullest. When you hold seminars and teach and empower women, what do you see as being the common desire or goal that we’re seeking?
JNL: It’s really simple. We all want to be loved. We all want to have purpose. And having purpose makes a difference. It makes us feel worthy. And the way to change this is by shedding the skin you’re in and realizing that life is a journey to be enjoyed.  You’re stronger than you know. We are all so blessed.  And with technology where it is, we can now inspire others, blog… give and get instant support.  Fitness isn’t just about looking good. It helps you to achieve so many different goals.

SFM: As a famous fitness personality, I imagine you see your share of ‘haters’ and nay sayers. How do you handle that?
JNL: I don’t take it personally.  Taking that stuff personally will ruin your longevity. You know, I grew up in poverty.  Like real poverty. I was a latch-key kid; home alone with two older sisters. I was bullied because I was the kid with darker skin who used food stamps.  I was sexually abused when I was growing up.  The negative comments that I hear pale in comparison to where I came from.  The comments are just distractions. I truly believe that you get what you focus on. I have to just hit delete and move on. I always say if they hate you then you must be doing something right.  I’m really so happy about the anti-bullying movement that’s taking place right now.  Parents need to speak up. They need to talk to their kids about this stuff. I teach my boys that you have to look inside – are you being good to yourself? Are you a good person? Then don’t worry about what others say. Don’t ever be ashamed.


I was bullied because I was the kid with darker skin who used food stamps. 

SFM: We are so honored to have you grace our cover for a record THIRD time! You have a long and wonderful history with Status. Tell us about it and share with your fans what Status means to you.
JNL: You know at the beginning, I knew Rodney (Editor-in-Chief) was cool.  He said ‘We’re starting a magazine!’ I saw the birth of it and I loved the idea. It was the first magazine to blend Fitness, Bodybuilding and MMA in one package. He (Rodney) was so hyped, which was really exciting. 
I was so honored to be chosen to be on the first ever issue of Status. It means a lot to me because I love to be a relevant part of the magazine and the industry. 

SFM: Are you a different person than you were in Issue #1?
JNL: Oh, I’m totally different. I’m more mature, grounded; my eyes are really full of wisdom now.  Experience really is the greatest teacher.  I have learned so much – I used to just throw stuff onto the wall, hoping it would stick.  I’ve grown and I’m much more loud and proud!

SFM: This is going to be your 78th cover! That’s amazing – that’s almost 7 covers per year over the last 12 years.  How do you think another international cover will benefit you?
JNL: I think I give a voice to every day professionals and fitness athletes. And I know that appearing on yet another cover of Status will certainly help to grow my business and my brand.  I really believe in turning your passion into profit.

SFM: What sort of influence do you feel that Status Fitness has on its readers and the industry as a whole?
JNL: You guys are the leaders and visionaries. A publication is only as good as its leader and your leader – Rodney – is amazing.  You have a huge network of photographers and writers, business associates – it’s a huge network of movers and shakers.  And the combination of MMA, bodybuilding and fitness is so multi-dimensional and it’s like nothing else.  Status always has high quality, well-written content.


You guys are the leaders and visionaries. A publication is only as good as its leader and your leader – Rodney – is amazing. 

SFM: Jennifer, thanks so much again for letting Status into your world. I know our readers and your fans are really looking forward to your third cover and feature coming later this year!


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