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Status Fitness Magazine adds Fitness Expert Nancy Di Nino to the Status team

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Status Fitness Magazine adds Fitness Expert Nancy Di Nino to the
Status team
By Status Fitness Magazine
April 28, 2021
Toronto, Ontario– Status Fitness Magazine has signed master trainer Nancy Di Nino to its professional fitness and editorial lineup. Nancy is an expert trainer in women 35+, trusted by many of the IFBB’s top-ranked female and male athletes. Nancy Di Nino will share her vast knowledge and expertise in all areas of physique change and contest prep for Status Fitness Magazine.
Nancy Dinino shares her thoughts on joining the Status Fitness Magazine Team
I have always felt that STATUS was a one-stop shop for all your health and fitness needs. Health and Fitness go beyond the physical aspect and STATUS is a platform providing the most cutting-edge information related to overall health, fitness, and wellness…from a gym novice to a competitor. Its global presence always has a pulse on what is happening in the industry.
Humbled first and foremost! I am excited to share my cumulative experience and knowledge I have gained over the past 20 years plus. The time has ripened my knowledge with diverse experiences and perspectives, from being on stage as a competitor to the front lines of a media personality to a women’s expert health coach. I consider myself a ‘chameleon’ in the sense that I grow and transition with each stage of life and with those transitions I am able to focus on sharing, helping, and inspiring others along with being able to affect change in some shape or form of their life.
Status Editor-in-Chief Rodney Jang shares his thoughts on Nancy Di Nino
We are absolutely ecstatic to have Nancy join the Status team once again. She was originally writing for Status 12 years ago and provided incredible insights to all fitness enthusiasts, especially females. 
With all her experience and maturation, Nancy is the ideal reference and expert for women who are 35+ and want to improve their health (fitness, weight loss, emotional, hormonal, etc). We look forward to seeing all the ladies Nancy will be helping. Welcome back to the team Nancy!
Status is excited to provide Nancy with the Status media platform in the form of his own expert column to reach millions of people and support them in reaching their fitness goals.
About Nancy Di Nino
For almost three decades, Nancy has coached thousands of people to achieve optimal health and fitness from gym novices to fitness professionals. Nancy’s passion for fitness has led her to an incredible, rewarding and diverse career in the international fitness, media, and modeling industry landing various magazine covers and features in publications like Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Status Fitness Magazine, Optimize, and Iron Man.
Thanks to having a natural camera personality, she has also hosted prestigious events such as, Olympia, Toronto Pro Supershow, and Arnold Sports Festival, interviewing high-caliber sports celebrities, UFC fighters, and legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.
As a former co-host for Living Beautiful Radio, she is dedicated to sharing stories and advice and passionate about spreading a positive, uplifting message that helps people live beautifully inside and out. She has inspired and transformed thousands of women to be fit, confident and the best version of themselves no matter their age.
Find out more about Nancy: Website | Instagram | Facebook 
About Status Fitness Magazine
Status Fitness Magazine has been a reader favorite since it hit newsstands in 2006. Known for industry-changing covers, Status has featured the likes of George St. Pierre, Brock Lesner, Vernon Davis, Cass Martin, Ashley Kaltwasser among others. Geared to everyone from the general health and weight loss person to the extremely competitive physique or performance athlete, Status delivers researched, proven, and cutting-edge knowledge to everyone interested in fitness as a lifestyle.
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