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Training in Italy during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Max Pierucci.

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 I am a fitness expert and “Bat Max Training” founder currently residing in Milan, Italy. Like millions of people all around the world, I had to remain in isolation during this unprecedented pandemic. My self-quarantine lasted for two months, during which I could not leave my home and live a normal life.

Lockdown was a challenge for me, both physically and emotionally. I felt as if I was arrested and put in prison. My days were all the same, and I was starting to feel depressed and sad. I am generally an optimistic and energetic person, but this self-quarantine tested my optimism and made me feel powerless. The feelings of uncertainty and fear, as well as the inability to see my friends and family, could not but affect me emotionally. I normally have a very intense training routine, but this quarantine did not allow me to go outside or train in the gym.

At some point, I realized that I was about to go crazy, so I stayed focused on my passion for sport to clear my thoughts and keep strengthening my body. I also kept up my healthy eating patterns.

My regular home training not only made me feel stronger but also boosted my mood and helped me to distract from the negative thoughts and news

After two months, Italy, one of the countries that were hit hardest by the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, eased its lockdown. We entered the so-called “Phase Two,” which means that some businesses and parks have been reopened. I am glad that I can finally do an outdoor workout in nice spots of my beautiful Milan and enjoy spring with my clients and beloved ones. This experience taught me to appreciate freedom and do not take my life for granted. It also confirmed to me that self-discipline and training can help me overcome emotional stress and protect my mental health and wellbeing.

My training routine takes a 30-min. functional training to burn calories through exercises mainly set for muscle definition, while fitness programs for my clients are designed to accommodate their needs and requirements. I promote “Home & Outdoor Training” and always I will!

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