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3 Steps to Speed up Your Metabolism

Watch the foods you consume. That's a given but make sure you get these three food groups in your daily diet to ramp up your metabolism.

  • Healthy Fats: Coconut Oil, Avocado, Almond Butter
  • Protein: Chicken, Ground Turkey, Fish
  • Fiber: Nuts, Vegetables, Fruits

We have such an abundance of food in America but we have no nutrition. We are choosing a lot of foods that don't help our bodies. Try cutting out processed foods, sugars and greasy foods. When I say cut out sugar, I mean Twizzlers and crap like that. Fruit is not a bad sugar. Fruit has a ton of benefits and as I mentioned earlier, high in fiber which is key to a better, healthier metabolism.


We all know how great exercise is to boost your metabolism but are you doing the right workouts?

  • Interval Cardio instead of long hours of cardio
  • Superset Weight exercises with Cardio exercises
  • Increasing Weight on Weighted Exercises



Get your sweat going and intensify your workouts!

Stress and Rest

Stress has a lot to do with our health. We know it isn't healthy to stress over things but we still do it. Did you know stress can actually affect every hormone in our body? INSANE! RIGHT?! Have you ever been so stressed out that you haven't slept? Sleep plays a huge role in health and fitness as well. This is when our body gets to recover so it's important to get your rest!

How to handle stress...

  • Yoga/Meditate
  • Positive Self Talk Every Morning and Night
  • Adding in Activity you Enjoy Daily
  • Talk to Someone or Journal
  • Xanax- haha Jk- Kava is a great natural way to calm your body

All the above will help keep your mind and body calm and happy. Adding all these tips together will help speed up your metabolism! I hope they help and as always, I would love your feedback!



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