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If you struggle with your midsection, these 5 Steps to a Better Core will help you out greatly! A lot of times, we think we just need to do ab work in order to have a nice core. But this is not true. There is a lot more that goes into having a better core. I have found a lot of people starve their bodies in order to have a flat stomach and that’s not healthy or fun! So let me share some healthy tips that will leave you happy, healthy and progressing!

1. Eat Foods that Help Banish Bloating: Pineapple, Banana, Asparagus, Artichoke and Avocados

2. Interval Cardio: Doing 1 minute moderate and 1 minute hardcore on and off for at least 20 minutes is the best way to burn stubborn belly fluff.

3. Drink your Water: This will help get things moving through your body and also keep off the water weight.

4. Full Body Workouts: When you do full body workouts, you use your core a lot more than you would think. Always be sure to hold your core tight while you work out.

5.  Incorporate Core Work: You can incorporate some great core moves to strengthen and really focus on core.



3 Core Moves You Don't Want to Miss


1.          Crunches: One of the most basic moves but it is one of the best to focus on your abdominal wall. Make sure you keep your hands on your abs and crunch straight up, getting your shoulder blades off the ground.

2.          Hanging Leg Raises: This is another great one to get your abdominal wall. If you don't have a place to hang, you can also do these on the ground (lying on your back) for the same effect.

3.          Spider man Plank: Plank alone is great move to strengthen the core, and adding the spider man knees is a whole another level of greatness. Be sure to stay in a low plank and bring one knee at a time to elbow on the same side and switch!


When working your core it is best to do after you have done your cardio and warmed up! Be sure to take small breaks in between sets; you don't want to wait to long! Make it burn the entire time! Be sure to stretch when you’re finished!


Below is my Ab Challenge, Be sure to give it a try!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


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