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At 35 I am considered an older Fighter.  I’ve been fighting for 16 years, been written off by most and have lost track of all the injuries and health issues (many self-inflicted) that come with being a professional fighter.  How’s that for honesty?

I have often been asked why I am going back to fighting.  This self-honesty is much of my motivation. I believe most athletes are motivated by a voice in them that won’t let them settle for anything but their best effort.  It is not always about winning if you know you laid it all on the line.

I am here to lay it all on the line.

You have to start somewhere.



Week 1:

As I get older (and in theory wiser), I have learned to train much smarter and in turn listen to my body. This is very different than my old method of just smashing through training, massive weight cuts and generally being unhealthy. I could write a book on how not to treat your body. It amazes me how I could make it to an elite level by going this route – but if I could become a decent fighter built on bad principles then to what level could I go by doing all the right things?

All this experience (good or bad) has shown me what I need to do.

I have a bad habit of jumping in too fast.  So for my first week back I ignored my old ways and kept it tame, sticking to the usual training suspects – running, lifting and light boxing.  A fair amount of training, but nothing compared to a training camp. Now physically I feel great but I just scratched the surface this week. We’ll see if I say the same thing next week after heavier lifting, interval training and MMA get thrown into the mix. The training experiment can wait until I get back into the groove. Week 2 looks very promising. Motivation is a wonderful thing.

It all starts with being honest with yourself. That breakthrough “aha!” moment happens when you stop lying to yourself, get honest and hopefully get grateful that you have time to change the course. It has worked for me.


I believe most athletes are motivated by a voice in them that won’t let them settle for anything but their best effort.


Victor isa 15 year Mixed Martial Arts veteran, former MFC World Champion and trainer.  He has managed several gyms including the first UFC Gym in Canada. Victor brings a wealth of knowledge not only as a professional fighter, but as a long time fitness enthusiast and athlete.