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Capitalizing on Motivation… When You Have It

Many of us have that continuous, never-ending and always growing To-Do list.  Some tasks are monotonous and you just keep putting them off, some may require more dedicated time and focus.  Regardless of your process for tracking and maintaining this oh so wonderful list, have you ever noticed how there are just certain moments where you are insanely productive and knock out your list in no time, and then there are other times that you know you “need” to do something but really just cannot bring yourself to do anything other than catch up on your favorite TV shows?

Motivation.  It is a key driver to accomplishing just about anything.  Sometimes you have it.  Sometimes it is no where to be found.  But guess what?  That is OK! This topic pops up often when I hear someone talking about their desire to “get back into the gym.” It usually sounds something like this…. “I really need to get back into my workouts.  I always used to go at night, but work has been so busy lately that I’m at the office late or just so tired once I get home that I just don’t get back out the door.  But, I know I just need to get motivated to make it happen.”  

But do you?  Do you need to try to find MORE motivation?  Or could you consider just capitalizing on it when you HAVE it?  Maybe you find yourself popping out of bed every morning ready to conquer the day only to be completely drained 12 hours later.  So if the gym time is really important and it just isn’t fitting into your motivational schedule now, maybe it needs to find a new time slot!  Or maybe you really like to write and have been doing a lot of it lately so you are starting find that you are not as motivated to do it anymore.  Maybe your body is telling you that it is time for a break!  Enjoy the times of non-motivation to relax and recover.  And when the moments come where you find yourself cleaning at 4am just because you are up and ready to conquer the day, then knock it out and enjoy a cup of coffee after!  


Moral of the story:  Capitalize on your motivation when it comes around and when you just aren’t feeling it, embrace that moment too as it can be just as productive.





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