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Many adults sleep less than the recommended nightly snooze times. Stress and other work/life demands challenge our natural wake/sleep cycles.  Having adequate nightly sleep not only helps to regulate our bodies, but it also provides us with recovery that we need to be ready for the next day.  It also has a positive effect on our hormone cycles.

The standard recommendation is 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  Think you are getting that much sleep EVERY night?  Start a sleep diary noting the time at which you officially turn off the light and then track when you wake in the morning.  You may or may not be surprised if your perception of how much sleep is actually your reality!



What if you are falling short?  Here are some tips to catch more shut eye:

- Stop screen time at least an hour before bed.  Shut the TVs off, phones down.

- Start a bedtime routine.  Just like you had as a kid, to help wind down.

- Limit or even eliminate caffeine/stimulants after 2pm.  Or even sooner if you can!

- Turn down the temperature!  Sleeping in a cooler room always helps your body prepare for sleep.

- Increase activity level during the day.  If your body has been moving more while it is awake, it will need more time for recovery.

- Take deep breaths.  Slow and for long counts both in and out for an increased level of oxygen.


Consistently getting the sleep you need? Congratulations!  That is awesome and in our busy and stressful world can be really challenging, so kudos to you on making this important part of your daily routine a priority!





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