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Habits-Based Approach to Change


There is an interesting phenomenon that happens when individuals begin to determine what a specific goal is as it relates to health and wellness.  Many times, these goals include hitting a certain weight on the scale, or to fit into a certain pair of jeans, or being able to look in the mirror and be

"more toned"; and every now and then they will be more tactical - as in eat protein at every meal or eat more vegetables.  The most common ones, however, seem to be physique based.  We want instant gratification and to see results on the outside instead of focusing on how we get there, which is by making changes from the inside first. 


Once we determine the goal, what typically happens?  We get laser focused on doing whatever it takes to hit that number (be that a size or look a certain way), that not much else matters.  We give up social events, flexibility on schedules, and even starve ourselves of some of our favorite foods just to get to the "goal” faster.  All for what?  What happens then?  After a few weeks of trying, we will either get burnt out and quit only to return to all of our old habits OR we see the fast progress and go full steam ahead rushing for the finish line.  But when we get to the finish line we realize how much we have missed out on and then spend time playing catch up on all of the foods we have missed or getting events scheduled to make up for missed time with friends and family. Again, all to resort back to previous habits and lifestyle so that we slowly see any progress that was made towards the “goal” fade away. 


We want instant gratification and to see results on the outside instead of focusing on how we get there, which is by making changes from the inside first. 


Now, there are certain goals out there that require specific programming and regime, such as prepping for a fitness competition or athletic training for a specific scheduled event.  Okay, those require dedication and focus.  But the majority of people just want to be healthier and feel better!  And in some cases, you may NEED to get better for improved health as your life might be depending on it.  What if there could just be a mental shift to focusing on doing what is right for our health on the inside?  What if we were to focus on making small changes one at a time so that the progress becomes permanent and not out the window once we are where we thought we wanted to be? 



Give yourself the opportunity to truly succeed long term and not just constantly ride the stereotypical yo-yo dieting approach.  You only have one body.  One life.  Be focused on your goals for what you want to accomplish, but maybe consider being a little flexible on how you get there and possibly even a little more patient to do things right the first time.  Focus on one new healthy habit at a time.



Sara Sutherland is an internationally published fitness model, cover model, personal trainer, nutrition certified coach, blogger, brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.  She lost 85lbs post-pregnancy and has a strong passion for helping others through proper nutrition and exercise. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and has launched a free habits-based e-book “The Healthy Habits Challenge” that is available for download at  She also continues to post to her blog,, where she shares ideas for accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.  Full online training program, workout app, and nutrition coaching programs available at