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Want to clean up your diet without going crazy?

I know tons of people that get so sick of yo-yo dieting and I always tell them, "it's best to switch out a few things a week and ease your way into a healthier lifestyle, instead of going all out from day 1." We forget that it takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle but it can be done, if done with the right mindset and tools.


Here are 3 steps that will help you clean up your diet.


So, let's say you love fast food and soda. For week 1, I would recommend cleaning up your diet by cutting out or cutting back on soda and replace it with water or flavored amino acids. Week 2, start cutting back on fast food. If you eat it 4 days a week, cut back to 2 times a week. You can replace this with healthier recipes at home!


The bad stuff has to get the hell out of the house. I don't care how much willpower you have, it needs to go. When cleaning up your diet, it is most important to start with your own home. It sucks to throw a brand new box of Oreos in the garbage but it will suck more if you continue to be unhappy in your own skin. So, make a wise decision to trash the junk food.




So many people start diets with so much motivation and happiness for change but it usually dies out after that first week. WHY!?

That first week, our mindset is in it. We know we are ready for change and excited about it but it seems after that first cheat meal, people go down hill and forget what they want. They seem to give up because they are so bummed they had a bigger cheat than expected. But why give up? You made it through a whole week already which is great!

It's about getting back to that mindset of "I CAN AND I WILL DO THIS"; choosing to conquer your goals instead of being held back. So, if you get knocked down, don't stress it! Just get back up and remember your goals. Always stay focused, no matter how crappy you feel. It is normal to fall off but what’s important is getting back of and conquering those goals!

Try these steps for 30 days and I assure you, you will be on your way to a happy, healthier life!

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