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Have you prepped and stepped on stage for a fitness competition?  Are you considering it? Looking for your next big focus and goal, and that just might be “it”?  Have you seen a friend go through it and you are intrigued?  Or maybe you have been there, done that, and are DONE with THAT? 


Competitions are an interesting beast.  They can be a great way to really dial in and focus on a goal to see if you can push yourself to new limits…  physically, mentally and emotionally.  They can also make you quite obsessive….about food choices, workouts, and your schedule.  They are a great way to see where you started, and with a little hard work, what you are capable of doing.  One of the coolest things about stepping onstage multiple times, is the ability to really actually see your hard work in side-by-side photo comparisons of your stage shots.  It is truly rewarding!  And you can definitely say… “hey, I did that!”  You then can think back about how each prep is different, how your mindset varies based on what else you might have going on in your life.  It is empowering!  It can also be a reality check when things do not show as much as you maybe would like to see, and you can critically look back and see how you can be better.  



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Everyone has a journey to the stage.  For some, it may be the first competition. Others have been competing for 10+ years. Everyone has a reason why they started.  Some just love the spotlight, some are there for the friends they have made, some love to show their personal progress, and some are just chasing the "Pro" status.  


For those of us that truly have a deep down competitive nature, it rears its head every time we hit the stage.  Sure, it is an amazing opportunity to say it is You vs. You… but in reality… it is still a competition!  There is a winner and there are losers.  Everyone gets judged and ranked next to their peers.  And from personal experience, it is absolutely crushing when you have given it your absolute ALL, time and time again, just to feel like you just will not ever be good enough. 


Do not get me wrong, I loved competing.  And I also LOVE that I am “retired.”  I met some amazing people, had transformations of a lifetime (stepping on stage just 9.5 months after having my first baby), and learned so much about myself in between.  And when it got to the point that I was not doing it for me anymore, but rather feeling like I was trying to prove something to the panel of judges… it was time for me to find new goals. 


When competitions stay in the You vs. You category, you love what you do and are happy regardless of the actual competition outcome… stick with it!  It is a crazy fun hobby.  But when you get to a place anywhere outside of that… hit the reset button and see what you can go do next!  


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