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Do you ever feel like you just do not have enough time in the day to get done everything you want to get done? Maybe even like the week would be a little bit better if it had eight days instead of seven?? Or if there was just ONE MORE month in the year to check off the list of to dos….

You are not alone, in fact I think everybody at some point has felt this way, likely more than once.

On top of feeling like we never have quite enough time there's also the silent pressure to “do, say and be “ certain things or versions of ourselves to “fit the mood” or “be accepted”.

This societal pressure exists in almost every corner we look, begins affecting us in our teenage years, and if we sit back and ALLOW it to determine our path in life, we will be greatly disappointed at the end.


This societal pressure exists in almost every corner we look...


Like any adventure, life is no different. We need to find a way to navigate through it the best we can, making sure that we get in all of the amazing experiences in a safe, healthy, happy and satisfied manner.


So how do we NAVIGATE through life ??

The top three areas that need your attention:

  • YOUR PURPOSE AND VISION: What is your PURPOSE or your VISION for your life…What do you want? Who do you want to be? How do you want people to remember you? 
  • YOUR VALUES: What are your VALUES? What actually matters to you? Where do your morals sit amongst the rest of the world?
  • GRATITUDE AND MEDITATION: Incorporate a Gratitude & Meditation Practice. Life is guaranteed to get challenging and without these two practices in place you can easily get detoured.


Once you have these three figured out, life should start to flow a bit smoother. There is no more need to question where you “fit in” because you have created your own realm of what matters, and anyone who doesn’t live with the same morals purpose and values will organically fade away, and into your realm those who do share the same values will find their way in.

You will no longer feel obligated to “fit the mold” of whatever it is that society wants you to fit; you are your own mold, and you know this, making the pressure feel much less.

When it comes to finding enough time in a day or a week or a year to accomplish all you want to accomplish, the tried and true habit of list writing really does wonders.

You can write a daily list if that works for you, or maybe a weekly llist. The top 3 notes should be the MOST IMPORTANT, must do NOW sort of things. The remaining list notes are things that can wait but will feel good to check off. If you can commit to creating the habit of CHECKING OFF THE LIST before anything not on the list gets done, I promise life will flow more smoothly. If your day or week simply does not allow for the whole list to get checked off then push yourself to do ONE, commit to checking the list off before anything else; in other words, just GET THINGS DONE!

Using a calendar or schedule to lay out all of the tasks may lessen the stress as you can separate what is most important versus what maybe can wait.

Lastly, and most importantly to create change and success you must learn to implement new thought habits. 

Accept, Invite & Embrace

Events happen in life not to ruin our lives but to challenge us, and help us grow, so instead of filling with stress and anger when a challenge arises, I challenge you to instead, Accept the situation.

It is what it is, there really is NOTHING we can do to change the reality other than changing the way we perceive it.

There has to come a level of trust in the universe that what you are given is nothing more than you can handle. Everything we experience in life holds us to the people we are.


Invite it in - It has arrived, knocked on our door and wants in, so invite it in, as you would a guest in your home. Life is much easier when we learn to accept and invite in change, a LOT.

Once you have done these two important steps the third is to embrace it. This is now your current reality; instead of taking it in as a negative, I challenge you to look at it as a gift, an opportunity. How is this a possible blessing? What positive can I take away from a challenging situation? What is my life lesson here?


Taking your new thought habits and incorporating them into your Gratitude and Meditation practice is your next and final step in navigating life. 

Taking 5 minutes at the end or start of your day to both sit in silence, breathe and focus on the silent powerful moments of meditation, and write out three to five things you are grateful for in your life is proven to improve the quality of life you live. The most successful happy people in the world practice meditation and gratitude journalling.


Are You???


~Inhale, Smile, Exhale Love & Drink Water~

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Kyla Gagnon, is an ISSA CPT, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Not only is she an NPAA Bikini Pro, she's also a four-time cover model, a Magnum Nutraceuticals athlete and online trainer. You can find Kyla in the gym, on her yoga mat, snuggling her dogs or planning her next trip.