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Do You Even Lift, Bra?


The struggle is real for #fitchicks everywhere when it comes to gym attire. Picking the right asset-enhancing tights, the perfect performance boosting and outfit-coordinating kicks, that great tank and let us not forget that all important yet most daunting of items to pick – the sports bra. Like our annual attempt at swimsuit shopping, the sports bra buying expedition is a feared event amongst female gym-goers worldwide for, unlike a swimsuit, a sports bra not only has to look fly, but must also be functional. Let’s face it, a swimsuit these days can pretty much be floss and it still gets the job done! (Mostly because we are not actually swimming in them). However, with all the variety in sports bras, especially when it comes to straps as design elements, it is clear that wearing a sports bra not only requires a degree in engineering to get on but confidence that you can leave everything out on the weight floor…minus the girls…when you’re wearing it.

...let us not forget that all important yet most daunting of items to pick – the sports bra...


With all of these factors to take into consideration, it’s no wonder small-chested chicas and buxom bombshells the world over are left to wonder – sure you look good, but do you even lift, bra?

If you’re like me, then your “athletic chest” is not conducive to being cleavage-bearing, however, you wouldn’t mind a bra that gives the illusion of some cleave, or at least those hard earned pecs. This can be a tall order however, because to get that cleave you often need to revert to a smaller size, which, with a wider back and lats ends up just being a recipe for underboob, side boob, and the double boob phenomenon. Not to mention that wearing a too-tight bra leaves the bra itself engraved in your skin once the workout is over. The #struggleisreal for boobilicious babes as well. Though they may not be intentionally trying to display their décolletage, finding the right balance between being sexy and not spilling over on to the weight floor can leave one feeling less than ready to press those weights. My busty buddies have told me more than once that the underlying threat of a potential nip slip is enough to want to lock and load the girls in a turtleneck. Fear not my boob-induced anxiety ridden friends, because there is a bra out there for you that does in fact have your back, and your girls, in its best interest. All you have to do is find it!

My busty buddies have told me more than once that the underlying threat of a potential nip slip is enough to want to lock and load the girls in a turtleneck.

Oh Bra, Where Art Thou?


So how do you strike a balance between showing off those hard earned chesticles, but also being able to squat, jump, bend, and move without showing off more than just your good technique? Follow these simple strategies:


  1. Shop around. Just because you like a certain brand does not mean it works for your body type. With all the variety in sports bras nowadays, and many retailers embracing the athletic wear trend, it won’t be hard to find a brand that works for you and the girls.

  2. Try on, try on, try on! Do not just pick up your usual size and hit up the till – make sure you try on each bra and actually move around in it, mimicking motions you’d make while in the gym to see if it rides up, moves or is uncomfortable.Sports bras fit differently than regular bras and knowing that they will be used to spin, row, climb, run and lift your way through your workout, aim for fabrics and fits that are used to a little sweat and hard work.

  3. Ask for assistance. Don’t be afraid to ask for fit help – sales associates are often trained to know what constitutes good size and fit, or bring a friend along to give you that objective and honest opinion.“I can see side boob” should be advice that you listen to!

  4. Do not wear non-sports bras to the gym. Yes, your Victoria’s Secret bralette is cute, but will it support you while doing burpees – probably not. So unless you are just planning on walking slowly on the treadmill or leaning on equipment trying to look like you are working out, it’s probably best to leave the lingerie at home. We don’t want to cause any unnecessary gym accidents after all ;)

  5. Try different styles. Thanks to the high waisted tight trend, we are free to leave our shirts at home and rock the sports bra on full display. This has led to a huge increase in crop top inspired bras or tops with a bra built in. (I don’t know about you but I love a good 2 for 1 option!) Just remember that the bra you want may be trendy, but not functional. So buy both – use the trendy one in your day-to-day athleisure wear (we all do it), and the one that’s sure to keep the girls in their place, for the heavy lifting!


The bottom line is that we all have a pair that have different needs, and while we don’t want to neglect the girls, we also want to flaunt a little of what our mamma or hard work gave us. So just remember that there is a bra for every rack, so start searching those racks for that perfect bra. 


Your girls will thank you!


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