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Rest days are important, especially when strength training is a key component in your workout routine. They provide your body an opportunity to repair itself from everything that you put it through!  Rest may even sometimes need to extend longer than just one day.  If there is something that really just doesn’t feel right, you may not 100% in every aspect of your health, then take a break!  


Rest does not necessarily mean that you do absolutely nothing that day.  It most certainly can, or it can mean doing something that is different from your regular routine.  Going for a long walk, taking a yoga class or scheduling a massage can be just as important as your scheduled weight room time.  If you really do need a true day off, even a good old fashioned mid-day nap might be the answer!



Overtraining can have a variety of negative impacts on your overall health and ability to see productivity in the gym.  Chronic pain, sleep disruptions, loss in strength, immunity issues and hormonal imbalances are just a few to watch for.  Although taking days off may feel counterproductive when you are super focused on your goals, proper recovery time is key to keep you healthy and strong!


Now, I know that there are many of us out there that participated in team sports, had a coach or parent probably more than once, yelling at us about just sucking it up and fighting through.  Sure, there is a time and place for toughing it out.  However, as you age, so does your body, and you need to take care of it – it’s the only one you have! If you stay in hyper overdrive, revving in 3rd gear trying to take life at 120 mph forever, you will eventually break down.  


As hard as it might be, listen to your body!!!  Long term, you will be in a far better place!


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