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Scale Weight BLAH!


So you have determined your goals and you are ready to rock them!  But before you get too laser focused on what you have come up with, let’s take a look at goals that are specific to weight on the scale.  Have you ever weighed yourself right away first thing in the morning and then again after a big meal, then again maybe at night?  Or even had Chinese takeout for dinner and after waking the next morning noticing that the scale has jumped 5 lbs? Water weight is only one thing that can throw scale weight off several pounds over even a few hours. This reason alone is enough to cause anyone to go into a mental and emotional spiral if all you are wanting to do is lose those “final 5-10 lbs.”  You feel like you are SO close and then you get this major emotional set back!


Scales merely are an indicator of how much gravity is pushing our bodies down on the earth.


So how did we get so focused on how much we weigh?  Does it really show us a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, look in the mirror or even appear to others?  Not really much at all!  Scales merely are an indicator of how much gravity is pushing our bodies down on the earth. It gives us absolutely no data on how healthy we are on the inside, how strong our bones are, how much lean muscle mass we have, how healthy our organs are or even how much of our body is made of water!  An individual might be within the “healthy and normal” weight range for his/her gender and age, and yet have a heart attack tomorrow; or have extremely low amounts lean mass, hold a smaller external frame with a high body fat percentage yet still fit into Size 2 jeans.  



From personal experience, I’ve had periods of time where I have been the exact same body fat percentage, yet see a 10 lb gain on the scale and have a completely different physique on the outside. Consistent strength training has been a key factor in changing my body composition and increasing my muscle mass.  This ends up being directly reflected in my scale weight being HIGHER!  Yet I am more dense and compact.


I’ve also gained 85 lbs during a pregnancy, with 30 of those coming on in the last 4 weeks before baby.  I KNEW that there was no way that I was gaining that in fat, but yet when the scale keeps climbing, it totally makes you wonder!  Now I’m in the middle of pregnancy #2, with a completely different experience this time around with my cravings and aversions to food.  I’m eating much healthier, lots of protein and vegetables, less processed carbs and sweets from the first time around, however the scale is doing almost the EXACT same thing!  Yet, I’m carrying the weight in different places and fitting into smaller clothes than before.  


Moral of the story… scale weight can be one measurement of progress, however it should not be your only one!  There is too much variability and it really just messes with your mind!  Focus on doing the right actions to get to your goal and the progress will show.


Sara Sutherland is an internationally published fitness model, cover model, personal trainer, nutrition certified coach, blogger, brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.  She lost 85lbs post-pregnancy and has a strong passion for helping others through proper nutrition and exercise. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and has launched a free habits-based e-book “The Healthy Habits Challenge” that is available for download at thehealthyhabitschallenge.com.  She also continues to post to her blog, fastonomics.com, where she shares ideas for accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.  Full online training program, workout app, and nutrition coaching programs available at sarasutherlandfitness.com