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After welcoming our second child into the world at the end of November, Operation Post-Baby body planning has already commenced. Whether you recently had a baby or you were your significant other’s wing man the past 9 months, enjoying every last food craving she had, this life event often times calls for some changes!

So where to start?  The first place that everyone goes to is “When can I get back to working out?”.  For the guys out there that have over indulged with your loved one... you can start breaking a sweat NOW and see a lot of positive benefits right away! For the ladies that are recently postpartum, you will want to wait for your medical provider’s clearance before beginning a new routine.  And even then, be sure to listen to your body and take things slow. 

But what can you do in the weeks after delivery and before you are really back at it in the gym?  Focus on NUTRITION!  Yes, that is right!  You are eating meals anyway, so making the right choices, and focusing on eating ENOUGH is something that you can do right away!

Now, I am far from the researcher type. I do not conduct my own scientific studies, but I do follow a lot of well known folks who are great at what they do.  Pairing that information with my personal experiences, adding in what I have learned by talking with friends and clients, there is a pretty consistent theme: most women do not eat enough during this time in their lives.  Especially if they are nursing your new little bundles of joy. 

Here are some tips to get in what you need:

•             Every time the baby eats, you eat. During the day, at least.  And do it right away.  Do not get started on the next load of laundry, or picking up a few things around the house.  Eat FIRST then get to the rest.  This should get you on a 4-6 meal/day schedule.

•             Be sure to include a lot of healthy fats.  Avocados and almonds are my go-tos.  By having a few of these items readily available, they are a great way to increase your total calories without adding a huge volume of food into your day.

•             Consider a meal delivery service or check the local grocery store for home delivery.  Healthy foods that are easily accessible and as ready to eat as possible are extremely helpful.  It also keeps ordering take-out to a minimum.

•             Drink your water!  Yes, it is important! Keep a large bottle near by at all times.  I usually prefer Nalgene bottles, but during this time in my life, I lean towards large mugs with a handle and straw.  It makes it way easier to drink when you maybe only have 1 hand available!

•             Choose cuts of meat that are fattier.  This is another great way to increase your fats intake, therefore increasing your caloric intake, without adding more physical food to chew.


By focusing on some of these tips and creating new habits around your schedule and nutrition intake, you will really be rocking and rolling by the time you can get back to the gym!  Just remember, take one day at a time!

Sara Sutherland is an internationally published fitness model, cover model, personal trainer, nutrition certified coach, blogger, brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.  She lost 85lbs post-pregnancy and has a strong passion for helping others through proper nutrition and exercise. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and has launched a free habits-based e-book “The Healthy Habits Challenge” that is available for download at thehealthyhabitschallenge.com.  She also continues to post to her blog, fastonomics.com, where she shares ideas for accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.  Full online training program, workout app, and nutrition coaching programs available at sarasutherlandfitness.com