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The Social Media Dichotomy

Social media has taken over the world. I’m betting that the majority of you have accessed this very blog through some sort of social media outlet. And I think that’s a good thing.

Missing people have been found. Criminals have been caught. Awareness has been brought to many causes that may have otherwise not been recognized. Social media has opened the eyes of the world at large.

And that means that the eyes of the world are on every single word you type. Every emotion you share in the heat of the moment. Every rant you post when you’re so angry you can’t even think. Every photo that has been taken, re-taken, filtered and edited to ‘perfection’.  I remember when my parents and teachers would take about the ‘carbon footprint’ we would be leaving behind. How important it was – and is – to take care of our planet for future generations.

But what about taking care of ourselves?? What about being noticed for our intelligence? Our knowledge? Our humor…. Our amazing feats? The people who are hitting it ‘big’ on social media are no more than faces; bodies.  And, most often, the faces and bodies that we see aren’t even real. As I said earlier, so many people are gunning for the ‘perfect’ photo to post on social media because they want only positive comments; the more ‘Likes’ the better, right?


What about being noticed for our intelligence? Our knowledge? Our humor…. Our amazing feats? The people who are hitting it ‘big’ on social media are no more than faces; bodies. 


What does that do to one’s self esteem? What value is being put on the PERSON as a whole? Explain to me why Kim Kardashian has more followers than, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or Bill Gates? What has she achieved – earned – that makes her so ‘Like’-worthy? Oh right. She has a nice big booty.  Well, a nice uber-edited booty. Right. And this is more important than a suicidal teen’s cry for help? What has happened to this world?

I am guilty of having judged someone out of the gate based on her social media posts. And that was a mistake. Because when I met this girl, she was REAL. She was brilliant. Yes, beautiful too, but that took a back seat to her wit, charm and brains. She had real substance. But nothing that she posted on social media gave me the notion that she was this amazing woman. In fact, her posts – full of boobs, lips and pouts – made me quickly ‘unfriend’ her, annoyed by her un-intellectual daily banter. So I eventually asked her why – Why did she portray herself this way? Her answer? ‘I get more followers with boobs than with brains.’

Whoa. When did everything change? When did it pay to play down your achievements? What is happening???

There are so many great ways to use social media to share news, spread knowledge and celebrate people. Next time you are posting a status update, think about how far-reaching your words are… how you will be remembered when you’re gone. I know that you have much more to share than what you see in the mirror.

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Asha is a Certified Exercise Physiologist who has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years. She is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach who specializes in Contest Preparation. She works on not only the physical components of competition, but also the social and emotional. Asha has worked with amateur and professional athletes from various athletic disciplines, and has a passion for helping others to realize their dreams.