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Some days it's Mind over Matter

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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!!  

I decided that sharing my journey to the stage this year would be a positive addition to my prep for the Wbff Vancouver show this July 2015.

As most of you know, competition prep isn't always easy. There are moments during this stage that your body tells your mind that it has had enough. Times when your tired, hungry and in my case many times where I am in physical pain due to my previous spinal cord injury. These are the times when we need to dig deep within our minds to tell our bodies, You can do this!! Mind over matter is a powerful tool during times of fatigue and times when we are lacking motivation to get going on our goals.

Today was one of those days for myself.  Waking up to sore muscles, hunger pains knowing this is 10 weeks out and I need to be stronger mentally in order to push through boundaries that not all can understand. I managed to get myself up and motivated, pre workout in, and I was set to start my cardio and smashed my goals!!

Later that evening I trained for a second time and cardio as well!  Sometimes a little pep talk from your coach can do wonders for increasing self motivation and to create momentum.

Making sure your honest with yourself and your coach in these times when we are less confident, and perhaps a little stressed is key to success in all this.

I've learned in the past the only person you cheat is yourself. Always do your best and you can never say you didn't work hard enough.  Your body will go where the mind tells it to go. Keeping promises to ourselves is important in keeping the mind at peace during any journey. Always believe you can and always follow through.


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Tula Dewald is an international published athlete and bikini competitor. She has transformed her mind and body over the last three years through clean eating and exercise. Mother of two, Tula keeps active each day to be as physically fit as possible because health is the best gift you can give your family.