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Bio: My name is Alicia Gowans, and I am a proud WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, Global WBFF Ambassador and Australian WBFF Team Captain. As an International Fitness professional, qualified fitness professional & sports nutritionist, passionate coach/trainer, entrepreneur and published author in the fitness industry for more than a decade, I have been given the opportunity to travel the world and to work with some of the industry’s most respected, recognizable and leading fitness brands including Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health & Fitness, Inspire Magazine & Iron Man Magazine.  


In 2015 I sustained a significant injury, when I broke my back, and spent the subsequent year rehabbing, rebuilding and refocusing on my comeback. I never once took my eyes off that stage goal and refused to accept that surgery or non competing would be an option for me. This innate stubbornness, coupled with some amazing support networks, kept me hungry and motivated for the preparations that led me through to my crowning moment as the Atlantic City Pro Fitness Diva Champion in Dec of 2016. But I couldn’t stop there, I simply had to improve upon this further knowing it was not yet my best, and bring an even better package to the LA stage earlier this year where I proudly gained the title of North American Pro Fitness Diva Champion. This past year has proven to be my most challenging yet equally most satisfying in my career to date. There is not a single moment I would change – injury and all. The entire experience has made me physically and mentally the best version of myself to date. My personal development as a whole has been exponential.  


On a day to day basis, I have several rewarding roles, that include being a devoted partner, daughter & mother but also a highly driven business woman that manages a very large team of global athletes in my much loved international competition preparation and lifestyle coaching company. I am incredibly blessed to be in a position to inspire, lead & facilitate significant life changes for women & men across the world – no matter what the fitness goal may be.  



Training Plan: My training plan changes based upon my specific goals, but I 100% leave & breathe the fitness lifestyle, so there are effectively “no off-seasons” for me. There are simply “development/improvement” seasons vs “prep/on-seasons”.  During these various phases the elements that change are usually the increase in heavy lifting phases vs volume, specific body part focus sessions plus the reduction or introduction of cardio. A standard weekly training protocol for me however, looks something like this: 


Monday – Lower 1  

Tuesday – Upper 1 

Wednesday – Upper 2 & CORE 

Thursday – Lower 2  

Friday – Stretch & CORE 

Saturday – Lower 3  

Sunday – ACTIVE REST (usually spent hiking in the mountains with my partner or team)  


A lesson learned quite painfully thanks to my injury however, is the importance of maintaining a focus on mobility and stability as well as strength in ALL phases. As a result I focus on pre lifting activation exercises plus regular myofascial stretching classes as part of my standard routine.  


Nutritional Plan: Again my nutrition is linked directly to my training goals, and the level of flexibility is dictated by the phase of the training schedule. If I am in my development season it is not uncommon for me to have regular refeed meals of sushi or greek food, whereas when I am coming closer to stage (in season) my food is highly regulated, measured & specifically timed to achieve my stage condition. An average day for me might look something similar to this: 


Meal 1 – 2 x poached eggs, bacon & avocado or spinach 

Meal 2 – Grilled salmon, asparagus & olive oil 

Meal 3 – Chicken thigh, chilli green beans & sweet potato 

Meal 4 – Turkey mince, stirfry veggies with cashews 

Meal 5 – Lean Rump, sweet potato & asparagus 


I prefer to eat whole foods wherever possible as opposed to supplement based pre prepared meals. A true “go to” pre workout meal for me on a leg day is Rice Cakes with almond spread or a bowl of Protein Oats. The biggest issue is learning how to stop & put the spoon down though when it comes to nut butters!! Haha 


Supplement Plan: I like to keep my supplement regime to a minimum and effectively use it as its name would suggest – as a “supplementation” to the base of my macronutrients from my clean whole foods. I like to incorporate the cleanest, least “filler” based products, which is why I use Bulk Nutrients for 90% of my supplement needs.  

Daily MUST haves on my supps list include: Probiotic, ZMA, Liver Cleanse, DIM (during my on season) & test booster (during my development seasons) plus at different phases I will also utilize the Protein Matrix, Protein Oats & Protein Pancakes mixes. When travelling I cant go without their pre prepared single serve WPI & Protein Oats for convenience, taste & prep friendly macro splits.  


I prefer to eat whole foods wherever possible as opposed to supplement based pre prepared meals.  


What separates Status from other fitness magazines – I have always found Status Magazine as a phenomenal source of cutting edge information, with a diverse coverage of fitness methods that can be adopted by people at any level or stage of their fitness journey – be it a pure beginner seeking inspiration from leading industry athletes to those who are returning to a more active lifestyle and seeking greater knowledge for reaching that next level in their personal goals.  


What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol” – This would be an incredibly humbling concept to me, as I see myself as someone that is simply just a girl who is focused on being the best version of herself and inspiring other women to do the same. To be considered a “symbol” within the industry let alone one of my favourite publications is a dream come true.  


What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status? Well, that would be quite an emotional moment, if I am honest. As this is something that I have dreamt of since I was in high school. I can recall saying in my final year that one of my all time goals was to be featured on the cover of a leading fitness magazine. Purely because this, to me, is the pinnacle outcome of all of those years of hard work, adversities overcome and countless hours spent coaching my team through their own challenges. To grace the cover of status is the ultimate platform to further inspire others to take control of their own health, fitness & future in the same way that I have done. It would mean the world to me.  

To grace the cover of status is the ultimate platform to further inspire others to take control of their own health, fitness & future in the same way that I have done. 


Describe what it means to you to be part of your fitness team? I simply can’t express the love, gratitude and daily joy that I get from the amazing team of angels & alphas that I coach. We have truly cultivated a team that possesses all of the values, beliefs & passion that I have held firmly over my fitness career to date. As a result, we have the most supportive, caring, engaged & motivated group of souls. Despite the multiple time zones, at times language barriers and even the extreme age differences – we are just one big family. We unite at all times, we celebrate each other’s successes and we genuinely want everyone to do well.  

When it comes to the WBFF family – well, one scroll through my entire social media, and its clear to see just how in love I am with this entire brand, my role within it and everything that the WBFF stands for. I will continue to be apart of the Australian and global expansion of this amazing corporation well after I eventually hang up my heels. Not that this will be happening for many years yet haha….. 


Despite the multiple time zones, at times language barriers and even the extreme age differences – we are just one big family.  


Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you? I have worked with Tom Braziere & Toby Harrison for my coaching & stage presentation since I first went Pro – so this is our fourth year together. These guys are both absolutely phenomenal, consummate professionals, and above all else – they are very dear close friends of mine now. I am loyal, always, and will be working with them until the end. 


If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be? I am sure I have asked poor Rodney loads of questions at various media days but my number one question that may assist all aspiring young athletes/models looking to enter the industry would be – what is the key elements that you identify/look for when you first meet someone with regards to their potential to be a “status symbol”. What does it take for a young & upcoming to work on developing in order to eventually stand alongside their idols? 


Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang is rarely on set for photo shoots.  Describe your experience working with him? (if applicable) I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Rodney on this particular shoot but I have indeed had the pleasure of engaging with him during my cohosting of the 10th Anniversary championships & I have always found him to be a professional, straight shooter and incredibly engaging individual. He has an eye for spotting the raw talent and an uncanny way of identifying a great shot before its even been taken. It is little wonder that he has held such prestigious roles to date. 


What was it like working with your photographer Ali Sohrab for you shoot for Status publication? Oh my god – he was simply amazing. Ali is quite arguably one of my favorite photographers to date, simply because he has such a professional yet creative style. He is open to your own expression being delivered on location, and has the capacity to capture the shot within a single or few takes only. It was a pleasure to work with him and with Fleur who assisted us on the day with the styling.  


Describe your experience at the LA WBFF show? I had an amazing experience at this event – the host hotel was absolutely amazing and the venue was one of the better ones I have competed at. It was a fast paced show that was kept on time, and given I was in two categories, I didn’t have much time to waste backstage or side of stage.  


Favorite Quotes: 


Thoughts become things – choose the good ones. 

The journey is what brings us happiness NOT the destination. 

Talent will get you in the room, character will keep you in it. 

A girl should always be two things, classy & fabulous. 

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile. 


Thoughts become things – choose the good ones. 


5 things people don’t know about you: 

I opened my first international consulting firm at the age of 26 

I love fast cars! 

I used to write poetry and had my first one published at 14years of age 

I was a ballerina before I was a bodybuilder 

I was 21 before I took my first ever plane flight 


Who inspires you? Any why? As corny as this may sound, and something I have never publicly admitted, it would be my mother. She has no link to the fitness industry whatsoever. My reasons for being inspired by her is simply that I witnessed her life, her challenges, her hurdles and her pain and I saw her rise again and again. She never once let anything beat her or keep her down, she simply found a way. Nothing was ever impossible. I admire this trait and it is largely due to witnessing this during the course of my life that I am who I am today.  


Occupation? A business owner, entrepreneur, published author & head coach of “Allys Angels & Alphas” fitness.  


Are you a trainer? How many people do you train? Yes I am a trainer/coach, with a large global online clientele, as well as a selective face to face client base.  


Your transformation story. I come from a long standing athletic background, having played multiple national level representative sports in school plus creative arts with dance. Fitness was nothing new to me. However, the sport of bodybuilding in itself was something that I discovered, as a result of a debilitating injury. It has continued to be the outlet for me on many levels, but the primary focus for keeping my body healthy & biomechanically sound. The fact that the human body can completely restore, regenerate and repair itself from the rock bottom state of significant injuries (like that of my broken back) continues to make this something that both fascinates and intrigues me. I will never cease a desire to further learn, develop or expand my knowledge base within this field. And helping to educate others on the wonders that they can achieve if they gain a little knowledge, focus and a goal is what I believe I was built to do! 


What songs and artists can we find on your music player? I have such an eclectic mix of music on my playlist – everything from vocal trance to dubstep, to acoustic to rock to rap.  


Who are your favorite fitness movie stars.  The Rock – he is simply so funny but at the same time I respect the hardship he faced and overcame earlier in his career.  


Who is your favorite Status cover model? There have been so many of my long standing idols that have graced this cover that it makes it very difficult to select just one. But I would have to say that Jennifer Nicole Lee was always a stand out for me based on the pure fact that she is an amazing human. I love what she stands for and I simply find her a true inspiration in the industry.  


A girl should always be two things, classy & fabulous. 


At last, how can we connect with you? 

Email address: 

Instagram: aliciagowans_wbffpro 





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