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FITNESS MODEL: Bobbie Cameron 

Bio: I am a wife, mother, personal trainer and Fitness Model, earning my Pro status in my third competition in April, 2017. I live an exhilarating urban life in downtown Calgary, along with a tranquil and adventurous life in the amazing mountains of southern Alberta. 

Training Plan:  Working under the strict guidance of my coach, Nathan Harewood of Domin8, my current plan consists of weight training 5x per week and 20 mins of cardio 6x per week.  I also incorporate yoga a minimum of 3x per week to keep my body and mind in balance. I am always changing things up with my cardio and activities outside the gym to keep things fun, fresh and challenging for my body. 

Nutritional & Supplements: I love eating clean! I eat 5 to 6 meals a day of whole, natural foods that meet my macronutrient profile which is inline with my current goals at any given time. And of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat now and then! 
Supplements:  Magnum Quattro Protein powder, Hi5 BCAA’s and Rocket Science to fuel my workouts. 

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? Status is an industry leader, showcasing the most inspirational athletes from both the professional and amateur ranks.  With Status, aspiring athletes feel that they have a viable forum to be seen and presented.  The motivation that comes from Status helps push me forward every day.   

What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol” To be a “Status Symbol” would be a dream come true.  To be given the opportunity to be an example to women over 40, encouraging and motivating them to be their strongest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves would be an absolute honor!  

What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status? To grace the cover of Status would be the ultimate testament to the fact that age is just a number. Sacrifice, dedication and hard work trumps all limitations. I cannot even begin to express what it would mean to me to be on the cover of Status at 44 years of age.   

What was it like working with Ali Sohrab for your shoot for Status publication? Ali Sohrab is an incredible talent and an even more amazing person. Ali makes every shoot fun and creative and has a way of bringing out the best in every person who stands in front of his camera, which results in images showcasing an athlete’s authentic personality and uniqueness.  

Favorite Quotes 
Your body is an absolute image of your mind. Abraham Hicks 
You are the only one who can define your limitations. 

4 things people don’t know about you: I can’t swim, I have a fear of bridges (being on them or under them), I can sing and I have a black belt in Taekwondo. 


If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why? I want to inspire women of all ages to be their strongest, healthiest versions of themselves. Through fitness comes a sense of accomplishment and self-awareness that cannot be rivalled. There is no greater feeling than feeling strong, accomplished and in control of your body.  I want every woman to feel that way. 

Who inspires you? And why? Susie Woffenden and Michelle Gaynes. They each are the epitome of dedication, hard work and, above all, class and grace.  They are truly beautiful, strong women who continue to inspire and motivate women to be their best everyday. 


Occupation? Are you a trainer? I am a personal trainer and aspiring Yoga teacher.

Your transformation story. After years of martial arts training in Hapkido and Taekwondo, I needed a new challenge.  In 2015 I decided that I wanted to take my weight training to a new level and enter a fitness competition. I hired a trainer to help me work towards my goal.  I competed in my first competition in the fall of 2015 and placed 1st and 2nd in my divisions.  I was hooked!  What an exhilarating feeling to showcase all your hard work, dedication and sacrifice.  In April of 2017 I competed in my third competition and placed 1st and was awarded my Pro Status.  

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