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They say Champions don’t show up to get everything they want; they show up to give everything they have, and that is what Claire Aves is about. Meeting Claire is a solid reminder of how fitness can transform your life not only in physical sense, but also in making you a better person. She is full of life, integrity, respect, hard work, and kindness.  Spotlight is lucky to have her! -Ali Sohrab


SPECIAL SKILLS: Fitness Coach, Boxer, Brazillian Jiu jitsu fighter, Wrestler, plays with fire (body burn, fire breathe, eat fire,) angle grind, stilt walker, free style dancer


Thanks for doing the interview Claire. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am firstly a mother to my beautiful 12 year old daughter Skye-Lilly, and personal trainer in a top London based club called GYMBOX.  I have been a personal trainer for 14 years. I have a father and a stepfather who both play a major role in my life and have taught me to be a strong woman. My mother has always been a hard worker and taught me respect, to love and have loyalty. My background is in sports. I used to play football from the age of 8-14 and also be a member of my local athlete's club, competing in 100m and 200m sprint races. I developed my love for the gym when I was 16 years old. I am a semi-professional boxer having had 4 boxing fights and 4 wins. I have skills in Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling having competed around Europe.


I am a semi-professional boxer having had 4 boxing fights and 4 wins. I have skills in Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling having competed around Europe.


How did you become interested in fitness modeling Claire?  I found my love for fitness modeling and developed this to compete with the WBFF combining fashion, fitness and beauty. I started with the WBFF in May of 2014 coming 2nd in my first ever show. I went on to do another show in November 2014 placing 3rd In Europe. I then carried on chasing the PRO card, and competed again in May 2015, and placed 1st, and won my PRO card. Then had a year off as I got injured while training for a boxing fight. But this didn’t stop me when I could start training again I competed in November 2016 my first ever PRO show and I won and took the WBFF European PRO Champion crown. I then wanted to do an international show so I decided that I would compete in LA in April 2017 where I placed 7th. It was tough and the line up was insane, but I wasn’t happy with my result so I’ve trained even harder and listened to the judges' feedback. I’m very excited to be competing again this August 2017 at the WORLDS championships in my home town of London. It will be my 3rd show in 9 months. Nothing is stopping me. The WBFF's Stage is truly amazing - you feel like a super star, full of grace and beauty, you feel like part of the family and just want to smile throughout. Paul and Allison Dillett have produced such a wonderful show and a family of PROs who are all united and become friends. I have meet some life long friends from around the globe by being on the WBFF stage. Without this platform we would never have met. 


I wasn’t happy with my result so I’ve trained even harder and listened to what the judges said.


What are your fitness goals? To improve my overall package every time I step on stage, to become a stronger and more athletic; athletic but keeping the feminine shape and curves. I want to grow my glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves more, as my upper body has always over dominated my lower.

How do you lay the groundwork to prepare for the World’s? It has been eventful to say the least, ups and downs. I am a very very busy personal trainer in London, I am up at 5am every morning and home around 9 pm most nights. This prep has been mentally difficult as I have had so much going on personally. My daughter was admitted to hospital and had to have surgery, I was going through a break up and moving house but things are now thankfully back on track. There are days when I just want to curl up in a ball but I don’t - I push through, I remember why I am doing this, to be on the worlds stage and showcase my hard work and make my daughter proud too, she sees me work hard and I want her to have that mentality that you have to believe in yourself to achieve what you set out to do. The training, however, has been amazing thanks to my coach Scott Francis.

to be on the world's stage and showcase my hard work and make my daughter proud too, she sees me work hard and I want her to have that mentality that you have to believe in yourself to achieve what you set out to do. 




"Over the past 12 years Status Fitness Magazine has been scouring the globe in search of top fitness personalities. We look for both men and women that lead a fitness lifestyle and lead by example.  When we find one that displays these attributes, we like to showcase them and share their story hoping it will further inspire others.  

Today that person is the amazing WBFF pro Claire Aves. Claire is a kind and caring person that works tremendously hard at everything she does.  Her greatest successes is raising and inspiring her daughter to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  Thank you Claire for doing what you do. We all can learn from this. Look for Claire in the upcoming issue as the featured “Status Symbol” Congratulations Claire."


What are your goals Claire?  To have my own PT studio and people working under my brand Claire Aves Fitness, and to also speak at seminars and share my knowledge travelling the world. To develop a training structure for children in schools and inform them the importance of keeping fit.

Who inspires you the most? There is not a specific person , many men and women inspire me, especially  women who bring up children on their own, work a full time job, socialize, keep fit and generally juggle everything to have a balanced life, because this is what I do and other women inspire me to do this.

What’s your impression on Status Fitness Magazine? Status has like-minded people in the magazine who you can relate to.  The magazine is not just famous people but people like myself who want to motivate and inspire other readers. This is why I have liked the magazine for the past 4 years and I haven’t looked back.

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Cover Model? Becoming the next Status Fitness Cover model would mean that I am living my dream, fitness is a lifestyle and something I take seriously. It means I would have reached the level where I am believed in what I preach, to motivate and inspire others, I would have reached out to all the likeminded people and give them the belief that if I can do it so can you.  And to become a Status Symbol it would mean you believe in me too.  

What was it like to shoot with Ali Sohrab? Ali was truly amazing, one of the most professional photographers I have worked with,  I felt comfortable and at ease with Ali .We got some amazing photos because we connected, and worked well together. I look forward to working with Ali again when he comes to the UK.

Tell us 6 things people would not know about you. I am a sweet addictive, seriously I have to really keep control. I am scared of baked beans – yes I knwo it's crazy, but I would rather sit in a bath of spiders than baked beans. I am a fire performer. I was a single mum for 10 years bringing up my wonderful daughter alone. 

Who do you wish to inspire? My daughter  Skye-Lilly she is my pride and joy and the next generation so if I can inspire her  my purpose is filled.

What are the 5 most important attributes you see in a person? Respect, Honestly, Loyalty, Love, Kindness

Any Advice you can give anyone who wants to start training? Find a sport you enjoy - it can be anything - and stick to it, you don’t have to be a gym bunny to stay fit; it can be fun too.

What do you enjoy most about competing? I enjoy competing because of the changes I bring to the stage, the new overall package I create. Not only that but the amazing athletes I meet who are competing next to me. I have made friends with many girls from around the globe who have been on the stage with me; this is important for me. The WBFF is a true family and the best to be competing with. I also enjoy the training very much. It's hard and intense and challenging which I thrive off.

What was the best advice you were ever given?  To always be myself and to never judge. I will always be real, what you see is what you get from me. To be real shows your true personality and this is what people like to see: the real You.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life? My daughter Skye-Lilly. Becoming a mother is the biggest achievement I could ever ask for. My heart and soul lie with my princess; nothing beats it.

Who would you like to thank? Paul and Allison Dillet for producing a platform for us athletes to showcase our very best, travel the world, and meet new friends. My family and friends for also making this possible for me, supporting me in every way possible putting up with my mood swings, and constant gym sessions. I love you all.

At last, please tell us where we can we follow you?

Instagram: claireaves_wbff_pro
Twitter: C_A_FITNESS
Web :

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