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BIO: I have always made time for fitness in my life. Even when I was working full time as a single mom, I would get into the gym a few times a week. Not only did it help me physically but mentally. I was a pharmacy Technician raising my 2 kids by myself. It was tough but some of the best memories of my life. Together we would stay active going hiking, bike riding, roller skating...whatever I could think of to tire them out! 


As my kids got older and I had more time in my life , I decided to compete. It really wasn’t something I had even thought of on my own but was persuaded by others and realized it might be fun. And it was! Not only was it a good goal to help push me harder to look my best, but it was really fun and so much harder than I would’ve ever imagined. 

Training: My training plan fluctuates but I like to do Muay Thai (mma kickboxing) twice a week for my cardio. I do legs/glutes twice a week and chest/back one day, shoulders/biceps another. As competition day gets closer, I don’t do Muay Thai so I don’t have any bruising and do other types of cardio such as running and elliptical. 


What separates Status from other magazine publications? I see Status Magazine as more WBFF fitness with beautiful and classy pictures and articles rather than just supplement ads like most fitness magazines. 


What would it mean for you to become a "Status Symbol" It would mean a lot to me to become a “Status Symbol” because I feel at my age I don’t have as much time to be one. I would love to have the opportunity to show people that you’re never to old to start in fitness. Fitness is the best medicine and the fountain of youth. 


What would it mean to you to grace the Cover of Status Fitness Magazine? It would mean a lot to me to grace the cover of Status for many reasons; not only would people get a chance to see the results of fitness/weight training but also see that it can be fun and make you feel good! 

If I could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor Chief, Rodney Jang any question? It would be; what fitness model has made the biggest impact on your life? 


How did you enjoy your experience shooting with Status photographer, Ali Sohrab? I truly enjoyed working with Ali Sohrab. I was very tired from the WBFF LA show and was amazed at how he was able to get me going and glowing again the day after. My pictures turned out beautiful. The lighting was incredible.  

Favorite Quotes;  

Run Forest, RUN!  

If you think you can or think you can’’re right.  

Talk is cheap.  


4 things people don’t know about me: 

  1. My age. 47 

  2. I have fibromyalgia 

  3. I get headaches daily 

  4. I’m tired (but why slow down now?) 

Who would you want to inspire? If I could inspire just one person, it would be a single mom who has given up on herself. I know it’s really hard to keep going, eat healthy and have the energy to take good care of the kids. But, they look up to you. If you don’t show them how to live healthy, who will? Life is short. Be good to yourself, you don’t realize who’s watching and learning from you. 


My occupation: retired pharmacy technician. Currently Personal trainer & bookkeeper. 


My biggest battle with my body is being too skinny. I’ve had to fight to put on muscle. 

Social Media:  

DebiIsborn @ Facebook  


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