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When I flew from Vancouver BC to London last Summer, I knew I was going to work with some amazing European pro athletes at the WBFF Worlds. One thing I didn’t know was to meet and to photograph a Canadian athlete competing at the show. I was so proud to meet Karine Simard, an athlete and fitness model from my own country. For the first time I felt a bit nationalist, which is very unlikely of me.

Karine is always on the go, and ready for any challenge. She is independent, dedicated, confident, caring, and a real planner. I had an amazing time working with this Canadian beauty during our photoshoot. ~Ali Sohrab



Occupation: Personal trainer, nutritionist, mom of 2 , cook and administration coordinator in medical clinic. 

Bio: I am a Canadian fitness model and trainer, mom of 2 little princesses. I started training 10 years ago, where I met the father of my kids. He taught me how to strength and condition my body on a next level. This is where I found my passion in fitness and my ability to go beyond my limits. I got pregnant and while I was still training and eating clean, I documented all my pregnancy to help as well women who needed motivation to get through pregnancy. After transforming my nutrition and lifestyle, I have gotten in the best shape of my life post pregnancy. I did compete twice in the WBFF world 16’ and 17’ , and that is where I placed 1st to win a Pro card and place 4th in the last one. I was amazed by the work I put in and efforts that I made even with being a full time working Mom. I really believe in motto that "Today's preparation equals tomorrow's success" because everything come down to organization. My favorite place in the world is my kitchen.  I started cooking for clients, creating my own Meal Prep company, so people can enjoy eating clean with fresh ingredients. Now, I am focusing on my website.  

I always looking to perform better than yesterday, to be a better me day after day  


"Today's preparation equals tomorrow's success" 

Training: Simple as it is or difficult as I can make it, I am training; 

1) lower body 3x a weeks with heavy conditioning (sled,Jacobs) 

2) 2x a week upper body that I mixed with cardio, HIIT 

3) 2x a week Hot Yoga advanced class (abs/glute) 

4) 2x spinning or Muay Thai /boxing classes  

What are your thoughts on the different training styles? I am a big believer on switching routine every 2-3 months . They are all a part of a good training and should be taken in consideration for better results. 

Supplements: My favourite brand is ATP labs supplements, during competition I use : Adipolitik, Estro control, Beta Alanine, BCAA and L-Carnitine  

Fitness Goals: I love challenging myself, and having goals to reach, it is really exciting. I decided to compete after years of looking and watching them on stage. I said this time it is mine and I picked the Worlds competition in Toronto, where I placed 1st!!!! 

How was your experience with the WBFF: It was an unreal experience, everybody looked amazing and the girls are so nice, from all over the world! I was surprised with the vibe, the glamour of the show, and it was a pleasure to be a part of that show.  

The best things to me about the WBFF: 

1) Glamorous event  2) Stunning athletes 3) well managed 4) Just lovely people  

Special Skills: I can do basically multiple things in 1: I am a mom, a cook, a teacher, a clock, a trainer, a maid, a handy woman, a nurse, and I don't get holidays. I, also,  don't get a day off. 

 I love challenging myself, and having goals to reach.


What did your Parents mean to you and teach you: My parents were always there for me, they taught me to be independent, respectful, loyal, dedicated and confident.  

What separates Status from other Fitness Magazines: Is current and valuable content in fitness, quality of photography and printing.  

What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol” A dream come true! Really!!I have been working on it a long time.  

If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be? What is the best advice to be a fitness model these days? 

How was it like working with you Status photographer Ali Sohrab: I had an amazing time to shoot with Ali, actually I was really surprised and we get along very well, that is really important. 


I have gotten in the best shape of my life post pregnancy.

List 6 things people may not know about you:  

1) I love raw food   

2) I love to be alone, maybe not all the time but I do need my loneliness  

3)I constantly need to move during the day or I sleep in  

4) scared about nothing  

5) I read health magazine and medical studies  

6) I light candles every night 

Who inspires you: Wonderwoman  

Who do you wish to inspire? I hope to help, inspire and motivate, women and men (why not) through my own journey, to achieve their goals, making them believing in themselves. 


 I hope to help, inspire and motivate, women and men.


My transformation story: 2 pregnancy, 8 months differences, gained 22lbs for each one and my body is much better than before!!!  

What are your life goals: Reach a level of knowledge that pushes me further than where I am now. To be happy and not feeling that something is “missing” in my life in general  

5 lessons learned 

1) physical appearances mean nothing, height and complexion matters - 1% success - 99% hard work 

2) Suffer a lot if you waste time, great healer but also a killer  

3)Listening to the advice of your relatives and friends can distract your mind - stay focus  

4) Complaining about everything will not solve your problems, take initiative to solve them 

5) Take risk or you live miserable  


Complaining about everything will not solve your problems, take initiative to solve them 


5 most important attributes I see in a person: Qualities that have gotten me to where I am today. Determined to work hard and move foward with compassion to help and care for others and humility to know that I don;t know everything and there is always room for learning and growth. I would add: integrity, kindness, respect, honesty, courage.  

Advice for children who want to start training: You should start by any aerobics activities and light weights  

Favorite Quote: What you do when no one is watching is what separate winners from everyone else  

 What you do when no one is watching is what separate winners from everyone else  

Where can we find you on Social Media:  

Instagram @kae_finesse  

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