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I’m sure we all have experienced the power of a genuine smile. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? Somehow It makes our thoughts disappear for a moment, and reminds us that life is nothing but a playground. One single smile can really brighten your day, and transform you to a better person. That’s how magical and powerful we are. That’s how magical Kirsty was from the moment I met her at our shoot. Her smile reminded me of how life can become fun and rewarding when we play in it with passion, focus, and compassion. Thank you Kirsty for sharing your magical power.


FITNESS MODEL: Kirsty Botfield 

Are you a trainer? Yes. I am a Dance Instructor, Dance School Business Owner, Personal Trainer, and Online Body Transformation Coach.  

Fitness Goals: To continue improving myself every day by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger and continue sculpting an athletic, curvaceous and feminine physique. 

Complete Bio: I am a WBFF PRO, Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Gym Instructor/General Weight-loss Instructor, Dance Teacher, Online Body Transformation Coach and 2 time Oxygen Magazine Cover Girl (2015 and 2016). 

I have always been active. I started dancing at age 5 and went on to do it professionally as well as teach and choreograph performances.  As a child and through my teens I competed at state level in athletics (sprinting and discus were my events) and karate.When I turned 16, my Mum took me to join the local gym, because I wanted muscles and a fit body like the female wrestlers I admired and the women of the fitness magazines I idolised. 

In my late teens I began Professional Wrestling. I started taking my weight training more seriously to keep my body solid and strong for when versing my opponents, so it would be safe and protected when wrestling professionally at live shows up and down the coast of Australia for 7 years and on Pay TV each week. 

I started my first business at the age of 18 when I became the director and owner of my dance school Kirstar Dance & Talent Factory. Even earning a living I had to be physically active because I enjoy it so much. I had desires of competing in body building shows for many years, so decided to choose a comp to work for in Australia to accomplish that goal and get in great shape. Once I chose the date to compete, I got myself a coach and never looked back, I’ve been competing ever since! Most recently, after winning my WBFF show in Australia as a Diva Bikini Short Model and earning my Pro card in 2016, I had my dream come true of competing at WBFF Worlds in London 2017, completing my long-standing goal of becoming a WBFF Pro, competing internationally and at a World Championships! 

After falling in love with the journey of transforming my body and all things health/fitness/weight training/competition related a number of years ago, I naturally went on to obtain my qualifications (Cert III & IV) in Health and Fitness and studied healthy eating and nutrition to enjoy a career as a Personal Trainer and Online Body Transformation Coach. Living on a plant-based diet for 8 years has benefitted me in very many ways and has given me an appreciation and understanding for all diets and lifestyle choices.  

Living on a plant-based diet for 8 years has benefitted me in very many ways and has given me an appreciation and understanding for all diets and lifestyle choices.

Over the years, I obtained sponsors in ASN Castle Hill, Glam Fit Bikinis, North Shore Gym and Australian Sports Nutrition who assist me in living a healthy lifestyle every day and my needs when preparing for WBFF shows. 

Training Plan: This changes depending on my goals. I usually train shoulders, glutes, legs, and abs 2-3 times a week and chest, back and arms once a week. I do a minimum of 30mins steady state cardio 2-3 times a week. I perform 1 HIIT session a week.    

Thoughts on HIIt, Power lifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other: Every aspect of fitness and training has a purpose, they all make us better and improve us. I love trying everything and see how it makes me feel. Whatever you enjoy is beneficial, because if you enjoy the physical activity, you are more likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime, and that is what is important.   

Whatever you enjoy is beneficial, because if you enjoy the physical activity, you are more likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime, and that is what is important.  

Nutritional & Supplements: For the past 8 years I have consumed a plant-based/vegan nutrition plan. I get all of my supplements from ASN Castle Hill (Australian Sports Nutrition). They have my favorite plant-based supplements which are NutraKey VPro Raw Plant Protein, EVOLVE Green Machine greens powder, L-Carnitine, DeFine8 pre workout, L-Glutamine.  

Special skills? Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Professional Wrestler, Athletics Sprinter, Skiing, good hugger. 

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you? I am very close to my parents; they really mean the world to me. I miss them if I haven’t seen them in a week. They are my best friends and I need their hugs and conversation regularly. They encourage me to be ambitious and always chase my dreams and goals. They taught me the importance of working hard and being focused and how doing so brings progress and rewards. They taught me to be dedicated and to persevere and persist with trying to achieve something, give it all you’ve got. But they also taught me to be gracious, kind and friendly, always.  

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? I love the inclusion of both genders throughout the magazine. Both the male and female athletes/models are featured in such a respectful and passionate manner. One gender is not addressed to be superior over another. 

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model? To be on the cover of such a motivating and informative magazine like the women I admire, such as my idol Jen Jewell, would be a dream come true. I would love to accomplish my goals of being on Status Fitness Magazine Cover as a WBFF Pro and experiencing such a special opportunity, it would be magnificent! 

What was it like working with photographer Ali Sohrab? Ali made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. From the first click of the camera, I knew we were going to get some great shots. He didn’t waste clicks; he knew how to capture me and when we got the shot. It was just so much fun! I LOVE photo-shoots and Ali really knows how to capture athletic physiques! 

Three things people would not know about you: I was a professional wrestler for 7 years. I don’t like scary films. I’ve been in a few TV commercials; the Coca-Cola Mermaid, the NESCAFE pro-wrestler, and Chupa Chups rollercoaster girl. 

Fitness Goals:  To continue improving myself every day by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger and continue sculpting an athletic, curvaceous and feminine physique

Who inspires you? Strong athletic women, such as sprinters, CrossFit Games competitors, female wrestlers and fitness models, have always inspired me. Women who are able to juggle many commitments while running a successful business and a healthy lifestyle also inspire me. 

Who do you wish to inspire? The women like me, who fight for the physiques they want everyday. The women who have found obtaining the physique they desire doesn’t come easy or naturally, and find it harder than everyone else; the endomorphs, the women who don’t come from great genetics and need inspiration from someone like them. 

Transformation story: I have been on the thicker side all of my life. I was always solid and chunky from a child, never fat or overweight, just beefy. My genetics are not favorable for a bikini model, being an endomorph I have always found it such a battle to lose weight and be lean. I have always felt like I have had to fight harder than everyone else I knew to have an athletic and lean body. I decided I wanted to look like the women from the fitness magazines I admired and found myself a coach and entered myself into a competition. Every show I do I go through a transformation process because in my off season, my body naturally wants to be thicker to be able to have energy and strength and have my systems function properly, it doesn’t want to be lean all year round, even though I want for it to be, so each prep for a show is a whole body transformation from off season to comp season. 

Life goals: To start a family with my husband and obtain the fittest, strongest, leanest physique I have had, after having children, and to continue competing for WBFF after having my family. To have my businesses continue to grow and become more successful to provide my family with a fun and adventurous and comfortable future. 

Two most important lessons you have learned: To always do what I want. Satisfaction can be achieved when I know I’ve tried my hardest, no matter what the outcome 

Favorite actors/ movies: I love all the Superhero films! (and Zac Efron) 

First most important attribute you see in a person? Smile/Good Humour – life is better with smiles and laughter. 

 life is better with smiles and laughter. 

Advice you can give to children who want to start training? To be sure you begin training the right way to prevent any injury or problems down the track, have a coach or personal trainer who can be with you one on one to start with and teach you correct form and technique, with that, you will definitely excel! 

Favorite Quotes: "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen", "No pain, No gain"  

"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen"

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