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FITNESS MODEL: LudnieLu”  Faustin


Bio: I first come into the international fitness scene after being crowned Miss Fitness Belgium in 2013. Was I surprised? Absolutely!  But it was also at that moment that I learned that if you train your mind to see the result of your goals in the beginning, nothing is ever impossible.  

I’m a native New Yorker and long time athlete.  I ran track and field competitively throughout college and entertained the idea  of competing in a local bodybuilding show when I was 18, but it wasn't until attending graduate school in Belgium and after having been scouted out at the gym by a local trainer, did I enter my first competition that would lead to the Miss Fitness Belgium title.  



I learned that if you train your mind to see the result of your goals in the beginning, nothing is ever impossible.  



With a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in International Law, I decided to follow my heart and became a full-time personal trainer certified in both strength and conditioning as well as Pilates Reformer. It wasn’t easy telling my mom then that I wasn’t using my degree, but today she’s my biggest cheerleader!  

Being my own boss now allows me to continue to travel the world, competing as a professional WBFF Figure competitor while training my clients globally. And I am just getting started!  

Training Plan:  I work out 6 to 7 days a week. I know when making a fitness plan for my clients, I always add a rest day for them, but for me, the mental stimulus when I am working out, whether it is a light jog or smashing legs, is my daily therapy. I was always a long and lean sprinter, which is great, but terrible for stage when it comes to size and shape. Therefore, I train legs 3 times a week. Shoulders, I love, so any chance I can train them… I do! 



the mental stimulus when I am working out, whether it is a light jog or smashing legs, is my daily therapy.  



I’ve always been an advocate of mixing up my workouts to shock my muscles – my body adapts quickly so I’m always pushing for the next best stimulus. I plan my workouts around compound movements with high reps – 12 to 15 per set. Generally, I enjoy throwing in supersets and dropsets to raise my  heart rate and build endurance. 



Nutritional Plan: I LOVE food. Growing up, I credit my mother for drilling within me healthy food habits that I’ve followed all my life. I remember during 3rd grade snack time, all the other kids were eating cookies, dunkaroos, lunch-a-bles, and other tasty sweets while I was eating carrot sticks, chopped raw peppers, or a fruit salad. At the time, I hated it! But it was a blessing from early on that I didn't realize until I got older.  

I generally eat 6 times a day. I love caribbean spices and well- seasoned food -- especially meat. I don’t restrict myself from any particular food group, just modify how they are made. I think that a healthy balance is a good thing to satisfy occasional cravings. For example,I prefer baking my chicken or fish as opposed to frying it. Do I have sweet tooth? Absolutely! I’d probably give up one of my kidneys for a box of donuts if I ever had the choice!  


 I think that a healthy balance is a good thing to satisfy occasional cravings.  


Supplement Plan: I’m big on natural supplementation. For example, I have an aloe vera plant at home and  I take a spoonful of aloe vera in the morning before I eat anything. It has loads of natural benefits from the inside out and works wonders for me. In addition, I love adding chia seeds and flax seeds into my smoothies for a healthy pick up. Although I’m not a huge fan of whey protein shakes, I use the Optimum Nutrition line as a supplement if I miss a meal or if I’m in a rush and need something quick. As for pre-workout? Nothing works better than black coffee!  


What separates Status from other fitness magazines? Status is the real deal. It recognizes that not only celebrities work hard at their craft, but people like you and me also put in the same blood , sweat, and tears in order to see our dreams come to life. Status Magazine gives real people a platform to be heard and their stories to be shared.  


What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol” Not in a million years did I think that I would be a “status symbol.” I remember when Monica Brandt graced the cover representing the figure girls and I became so inspired by her beauty and grace. For it to be my turn now recognized by such an influential publication is beyond my comprehension. I am truly humbled and grateful.  



What would it mean to you to grace the cover of Status?  Ha! I would frame the cover of that edition and hang it up over my mantle and give everyone a signed copy for Christmas with a huge red bow!  


What was it like on the fitness Atlantic stage? The Fitness Atlantic stage was the stage where I earned my pro card as a WBFF Figure competitor. I will NEVER forget that stage. The lights, the presentation, the atmosphere… everything about it was intoxicating. By far, the best stage that I’ve ever walked across.   



How did Brain and Donna treat you at the show. Brian and Donna’s hospitality was amazing. They both showed great class and professionalism. Two characteristics which I have the utmost respect for.    


Who did you bond with at the show? I bonded with everyone backstage, but the one person that I have stayed in contact with since the show was Andrene Powell, who won the transformation category. People assume that when you are backstage, you have to be mean and angry towards other competitors, but that is not the case. I literally applied bikini bite to her bikini bottoms before she got onstage to keep her suit from riding up because I had it and I knew it could help her. So why not share the wealth? Who knew that applying bikini bite to a stranger’s glutes could start a lasting friendship. Two days later, she met me in New York City and we stuffed our faces and ran the city wild!    


Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you? I credit my growth on two people. My first coach in Belgium, Filip De Brauwer and my coach in the US, Leon Wong. They both have completely different training styles and personalities, but are both accomplished in their own right. Filip guided me early on in all of my competitions throughout Europe. If he couldn't make it personally, he was sending me messages through whatsapp by the minute, wondering how the show was going and if I had eaten my dark chocolate yet before heading on stage. A true coach and someone I consider a great friend. My coach Leon is a no nonsense type of guy with a small soft spot for me.  No matter how many times I would try to get out of a workout, he sternly put me back on track.  I know that if he didn't see something in me, he wouldn't be there constantly pushing me to achieve what he knows I can do. And I truly respect him for that.  


If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be? I wouldn’t ask him a question. I would simply say thank him for seeing something in me.  


Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang is rarely on set for photo shoots.  Describe your experience working with him?  Rodney is an amazing person, the type that you want to be around. I was nervous at first meeting someone who’s been around so many industry greats but he didn’t make me feel insignificant at all. A true class act 


What was it like working with your photographer Ali Sohrab for you shoot for Status publication? Ali is by far the best photographer that I’ve work with. He knows his stuff and more importantly knows how to capture an individual better than they know themselves. I remember looking at the test shots like “WOW” is that really me?! His humbled demeanor and down to earth personality allowed for me to be more confident in myself than I’ve ever been behind a camera’s lens 

Describe your experience at the Fitness Atlantic show? Phenomenal. I won my pro card here and this show is where my passion was reignited. I will forever be indebted and a fan of the Fitness Atlantic show. Because of the Fitness Atlantic, I was able to compete at the WBFF World Championships in London a few months later and place within the Top 10 Women’s figure division 2017!   


Favorite Quotes: Some women are lost in the fire, some women are built from it 


Some women are lost in the fire, some women are built from it 


5 things people don’t know about you 

1. English isn’t my first language. French and Creole are  

2. I have an obsession with Law and Order SVU and can recite the opening monologue by heart, “In a criminal justice system…”  

3. I wrote a country song when I was 12  

4. I used to work for the US government  

5. I am a proud Christian woman  


If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why? My future child. I want to him or her to always ALWAYS follow their passion and not be afraid to stand out in a crowd for doing something good. If they take away one thing from me it’s to embrace a fearless attititude.  


Who inspires you? Any why? My mother. Like I mentioned earlier, she is my biggest cheerleader. My mother knew nothing of the world of bodybuilding but would be the first one to go out and buy fish, rice, chicken, etc (my prep foods), in bulk once she knew I would be coming over for a few days. She would drive me to and from the gym, since I don’t know how to drive. She would run 3 or 4 miles on the track at 5am with me to keep me motivated when I thought about throwing in the towel. My mother is my world and I am blessed to have her in my corner. I told her about becoming a Status Symbol and she already requested her signed copy in advance! 


Occupation? Business owner and personal trainer  


Are you a trainer? How many people do you train? Yes, I have a steady clientele between 12 - 15 people, of which I see each 2 - 3 times a week. I choose not to have more than 15 because I wouldn’t be able to train myself. And I prefer to practice what I preach. I also have a handful of online international clients.  

Your transformation story. I remember the first time I lifted weights, it was in the basement of my childhood home and my father had purchased a Bowflex and and an Ab swing. I must have been around 13 or 14 years old and all I could think about was getting veins in my forearm. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get there, but I just started going down into the dark, grungy basement everyday to do bicep curls and abs. Being from an extremely athletic and competitive family, my parents encouraged me to keep working out. I remember hoping on the computer and finding the most generic bodybuilding workout to complete. However, I didn't have half of the equipment to complete it!  

Not too long after, my father decided to get gym membership. He would get off of work at 11pm and since the gym was open 24 hours a day, he would drive to the gym to get his workout in. I remember asking him if I could be his complimentary guest, assuming he’d say no because of the extra time it would take to pick me up, but he didn’t mind! From then, I realized I could finally complete everything on my generic bodybuilder’s workout.  

The gym had become such an integral part of my life that I started choosing places to live as I got older based on the proximity to the gyms in the area. During my last year of my undergrad, I had toyed with the idea of competing but never did. I was an intern at the Supreme Court in Washington DC and would give out unsolicited workout advice to my colleagues. After work, I’d go upstairs to the courts tiny gym and workout. I could count on one hand how many people I’d see while there.  

That same year, I decided to move to Belgium where I would continue my schooling, but not before scooping out the fitness scene. I didn’t have any friends when I first moved out there, so I found a safe haven at their top old school bodybuilding gym (Jean Claude Van Damm’s old stomping ground!), which happened to be right down the street. It was called American Gym and from there, the rest is history. I met my first coach and never looked back.  


6 things people would not know about you. 

1. English isn’t my first language. French and Creole are  

2. I have an obsession with Law and Order SVU and can recite the opening monologue by heart, “In a criminal justice system…”  

3. I wrote a country song when I was 12  

4. I used to work for the US government  

5. I am a proud Christian woman  

6. I am deathly afraid of holding newborns  


5 most important attributes you see in a person? 

1. Their goals  

2. Their story 

3. What drives them/passion  

4. How they interact with different cultures  

5. Their relationship with their family  


Advice you can give to children who want to start training? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from your fitness inspirations.  



Where can we connect with you on social media? 

Instagram link  --- @LuFaustinPro  







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