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Fitness Model: Melissa Zimmerman


Occupation details: I am an Emergency Paramedic in Sydney, Australia and have been for over 10 years

Relationship status: I am married to an amazing man named Peter, who is also an Intensive Care Paramedic

Fitness Goals: To always be healthy and fit and to be able to always do my job effectively.  Many people rely on Paramedics to help them and if I'm not fit, I can't do my job. Oh, and to keep building muscle, everyday!


Many people rely on Paramedics to help them and if I'm not fit, I can't do my job!



Bio: I am a Mom of 2, Aaron is 26 and Amy Jo is 17.  My husband, Peter is also an Emergency Paramedic.  I have been competing for well over 14 years and gained Pro Status in 2005.  I am, also an International Fitness Diva with the WBFF and hold the biggest workshops, run backstage and have Coached hundreds of women to get on stage worldwide.  My family love and support my passion for competing, health and fitness and we travel around the world together, so I can compete. 

Training Plan: I start with 10 x 30 metre sprints before work and then I do a 20 minutes weights/HIIT session. On my days off work, I do long, heavy weights sessions on large muscle groups, plus isolated glute and leg sessions.

Thoughts on HIIt, Power lifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other. I love anything that gets you moving.  You have to find what works for you and then build it up, find the variations that allow you to grow and I’m a huge believer in doing things that you don't like as well.  If you are going to grow, its from doing and trying everything.  We are all so blessed to be able to run, lift and move.  I have my own health and fitness app and I always log my workouts too. I have to say though, I love bodybuilding and HIIT best.  

Nutritional & Supplements: I am a firm believer in whole foods and natural supplements.  Being a Paramedic, I love to study gut and hormone health.  Everything starts in your gut.  Fix that and watch your changes happen.  I take probiotics, digestive aid, fish oil and I believe dark chocolate is medicinal too.


Describe your lead up to the Worlds. Wow, what a ride.  When I think about my last WBFF Worlds, I get goosebumps.  I did open class and 35+.  When I work out, I try to envisage myself on stage and I work harder.  I train everyday, I never miss a session.  I, also pose for 30 minutes a day.  I believe this is why I place so high all the time for most shows I do.

How was your experience on the WBFF stage? Straight up, there is no other stage like the WBFF.  My favourite stage in the world is WBFF Los Angeles and then Gold Coast, Australia.  I also love worlds in Las Vegas.  I know that Paul and Allison put in 100% effort to make our shows the most prestigious in the world.  

List some of the best things you noticed about WBFF. I love the individual recognition that they give to all athletes and how all competitors look after each other on and off stage.  We all know its a competition but we all love the same thing.  The best thing about the WBFF is that you end up with family worldwide.  Everyone makes you feel like you belong. 

Special skills? I believe my special skills would be coaching people not just for competition but for life.  Studying medicine has given me the ability to have a higher and more in-depth understanding of the human body so I can help my clients become their best.  I can then help them maintain that and also keep on evolving while enjoying life.  There is no big secret to weight loss or fitness, it’s quite easy.  Loving and  believing in yourself is a great start. 


There is no big secret to weight loss or fitness, it’s quite easy.  Loving and  believing in yourself is a great start. 


What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you? My parents are everything.  My parents taught me to never do any harm and to always look after other people in whatever capacity I am able to.  Maybe that’s why I became a Paramedic. My Mom would always write to magazines and tell them that they should feature me as she believed I was an inspiration to so many.  She was so funny, she would always show me a copy of the letters after she sent them, I would tell her I don't look after myself to be in magazines, I do it so I can be my best.  My Mom said she wanted the world to see my heart and how much I do for people.  I miss her so much, she was my rock and had the answer to everything. 

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? I love Status Fitness Magazine because of the amount of fantastic content and the large coverage of so many athletes.  It’s phenomenal just how much they can fit in!  There is nowhere else that you can get this amount of information from.  I know that when I get Status Fitness Magazine, I will be kept up to date with the most important fitness events worldwide plus read the most informative editorials.  I would also advise that anyone new to fitness subscribe to Status Fitness Magazine so they can keep up to date with all things fitness.  

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model? It would be an honour to grace the cover of Status, a dream come true.  The fact that I could reach out to so many people and let them know that they should always strive to reach any dream or goal that they have set for themselves.  I love seeing people hit their goals and live their dreams.  I will never stop working to reach mine. 

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him. I would ask Rodney to make Aaron Murray his Australian based photographer, he’s amazing and we have so many beautiful athletes in Australia that love Status.  I would love the world to see them and get to know them. 

What was it like working with photographer Ali Sohrab? When Ali gets excited, you get excited and your shoot just becomes magical with him.  Ali makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world and shooting with him is an experience that all models and athletes should have.  Ali brings out the best in people and you feel like royalty while hanging out with your best friend.  Ali genuinely cares about getting the best images of you.  I cannot wait to shoot with him again.

6 things people would not know about you.

  1. I practise Buddhism

  2. I wanted to be a Soldier

  3. I had a 8 hour surgery to remove a huge spur bone growing towards my brain in 2016

  4. I have never been intoxicated

  5. I was extremely overweight by over 66 pounds

  6. I love to give away things that can help others less fortunate.  I donate beautiful clothing and shoes to young women’s shelters and provide free health and fitness to give them the best chance to get better and succeed.


Who inspires you? So many humans inspire me.  My children inspire me everyday, they are so smart, funny and they are good to other people. I meet so many people daily within my job as a Paramedic and I have met some real survivors.  People who, even though they are suffering with cancer or other illness, keep on going, keep on fighting and doing the best they can.  They inspire me. 


My children inspire me everyday, they are so smart, funny and they are good to other people.


Who do you wish to inspire? I want to inspire anyone who does not believe in themselves.  I want people to know that they can so anything and be anything they like, they just have to focus on their goals and keep working on the everyday.  

Transformation story. I was underweight as a teenager and became anorexic and 10 years later I found myself 66 pounds overweight.  The self loathing was too hard to live with so I started to educate myself on anything fitness.  I promised myself that one day, I would love the way I look and feel.  Competition was my focus and I was laughed at for it.  I kept quiet, smashed my goals and now the people who laughed at me come to me for health and fitness advice.  I will always forgive and help others no matter what.  

Life goals. To help as many people as I can worldwide, especially Paramedics, Police, Fire Rescue and Defence Personnel worldwide.  I started so I could help frontline personal stay fit and go home to their families after giving so much to our communities.


 I started so I could help frontline personal stay fit and go home to their families after giving so much to our communities.


5 lessons you have learned

  1. Be authentic always

  2. Be grateful every single day

  3. Never compare yourself to anyone else

  4. Pay attention to what is going on around you

  5. Let go of bad feelings, bad experiences and bad people


5 most important attributes you see in a person?

  1. Authenticity

  2. Integrity

  3. Respect

  4. Love for self

  5. Genuine happiness


Advice you can give to children who want to start training? My advice is, go slow and learn.  Your body is an amazing machine that needs to be well oiled and well fuelled.  Eating bad food and training do not go hand in hand and you cannot grow that way.   Always seek information and do what works for you.  Watch and learn from those who are doing what you want to to do.

Favorite Quotes:    Knowledge is power.  


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