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I believe as fitness photographers we are one of the luckiest photographers in the world. Not only we have the privilege to meet and photograph good looking and fit people, we also discover talents and great souls. Everyone is gifted, everyone has a story. The beauty is to not know who is next crossing our path. I met Pip at Fitness Atlantic in 2017. That’s where she became a WBFF Pro. From the moment I saw her at the show I was inspired by her positivity and subtle confidence. She is full of life, making her dreams come true one by one, one step at the time. ~Ali Sohrab


BIO: I am an Australian WBFF Pro Fitness Model living in Manhattan NYC. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and discovered my love for bodybuilding and nutrition through competitions. I have my bachelor’s/undergraduate degree in International Business and my master’s in Business Administration. When I’m not at my demanding business strategy consulting day job, you’ll find me grinding at the gym, training outdoors, getting creative with photography, enjoying some of the fine restaurants NYC has to offer, or traveling the globe! I’m well known for having a positive and fun outlook on life! I believe that if you can dream it, then you can have it! 

 I believe that if you can dream it, then you can have it! 

Your transformation story. I would say my transformation was more mental versus physical, although naturally I’ve made significant changes to my physique. I’ve always been into “fitness” in some way, but over the past few years, I discovered my passion for bodybuilding. I’ve always had a positive mindset in life, but not always towards my body. This is where the mental transformation really took place! 
It’s the typical story you hear about in so many “transformation” stories: I wasn’t happy with my body even though I exercised all the time. This was paired with a lot of negative self-talk when it came to my physique. Additionally, I really had no idea about nutrition. I thought eating less was better; I was terrified of carbs and I frequently skipped meals. Then, I would binge and feel guilty for eating processed, fatty and sugary foods. Then the negative self-talk would set up camp in my mind yet again!  
Additionally, as an Australian, drinking is very much a part of our social culture. Until about two years ago, I was known as “Party Pip” who was always up for a good time! I loved to go out, and I’d end up drinking a lot and skimping on sleep. That lifestyle, paired with a poor diet, was taking its toll on my overall well-being.  


I discovered my passion for bodybuilding. I’ve always had a positive mindset in life, but not always towards my body. This is where the mental transformation really took place! 

Meanwhile, many trainers at the gym would say things to me, like, “You stack on muscle well! Ever thought about competing?” I would laugh and respond, “Yeah right! I don’t think so. Four months without drinking? Are you kidding me? That’s un-Australian! I could never do it.” Over time, this conversation happened so many times that I couldn’t ignore the question that was nagging at me – What if I could? The final push I needed came from my boyfriend at the time, who is a bodybuilder and has been a huge positive influence in my fitness journey. He encouraged me to enter my first bodybuilding competition. I competed in my first show in 2014 (which was not the in WBFF Federation). I discovered that I loved the training and nutrition process. I was blown away by my new-found ability to sculpt my body and achieve the results I set out for myself. Despite this, I didn’t really enjoy the first federation I competed in and I found that the overall experience wasn’t for me.  
Competing taught me a lot about appreciating and loving my body at all times. Training for a competition is when my mental shift started to take place. I loved my body - whether I was shredding or bulking - because I understood the transformation stages I was working to achieve. By developing a better understanding of the benefits of proper nutrition, I was able to form a better relationship with food. I was also able to stop beating myself up if I indulged once in a while.  
Although I had made some positive progress mentally, I was still battling with this identity crisis of “Party Pip” vs. my new identity, “Pip Fit”. I had gone four months with almost no drinking.  My friends couldn’t wait to have the old Party Pip back to play! I wanted to be “Pip Fit”, but my social scene - both personally and professionally - didn’t align with this new identity. I didn’t know quite how to balance these two contrasting lifestyles. So while I continued weight training over the next few years (as I still loved bodybuilding), I didn’t plan another competition. I went back to my Party Pip unhealthy lifestyle of drinking too much and not looking after myself as best I could.  
Fast-forward to 2016, said boyfriend and I broke up. I found myself turning more into my fitness partially as a way to cope with some of the difficult emotions from our breakup. Working out really can be a great form of therapy. I set myself a goal: enter 1 more competition by the end of 2016. I really wanted to try the WBFF as I had heard amazing feedback about this federation. Going into the competition, I thought that maybe it would be “one and done”, and then I’d go back to my “Party Pip” lifestyle. I told myself that it was just to tick off my list of goals for 2016.  


Competing taught me a lot about appreciating and loving my body at all times.  


What I didn’t expect was that competing in the WBFF would be a turning point in my life. I truly connected with my passion for fitness. The identity crisis between “Party Pip” and “Fit Pip” no longer existed. It was all crystal clear to me now.  

I am Pip Fit. It was no longer about “wanting to be”; I was. I had completed the mental transformation into my new and improved identity. Fitness is my passion. I fell in love with the WBFF. I valued the entire experience – not only the personal fitness journey that I had embarked on, but most importantly, the community of like-minded people I connected with along the way. I was hooked! I then set my eyes on the next show – Fitness Atlantic – where yet again, my passion for fitness has been further amplified by the experience and people I met at the show. After taking first place in Diva Fitness Tall and winning my Pro Card, I was definitely on Cloud 9. These accomplishments solidified that fitness is my lifestyle.  

What separates Status from other fitness magazines: What I love about Status Magazine is that it’s a genuine, authentic and reliable publication in the fitness industry. Status provides valuable knowledge on a diverse range of topics such as training, nutrition, products, mental health and lifestyle. I admire that content caters to varying degrees of fitness enthusiasts. What sets Status Magazine ahead of other publications is the high-quality profiles of elite athletes sharing their stories and showing real transformations that help inspire and motivate the fitness community.  
What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol"-To become a “Status Symbol” would be such a thrilling achievement! Firstly, to be featured alongside elite Status and fitness industry athletes would be an honor! Secondly, I would love the opportunity to inspire and motivate others as many “Status Symbols” have done for me over the years. And lastly, being a “Status Symbol” would drive and push me every day to progress both physically and mentally towards my fitness goals.  
Describe what it means to you to be part of your fitness team? I am not currently a part of a fitness team, however I do enjoy my extended WBFF community of athletes. We support each other through training, share tips, motivate and drive each other. Most importantly – we try to have fun! 
Describe your coaches and the impact they have on you? Toby Harrison was my stage posing coach for the Fitness Atlantic show and really is the best in the biz! Toby helped me to create a posing routine that was tailored specifically for my physique and personality. Toby was a huge support leading into the Fitness Atlantic show by sharing his expertise in the industry, being my cheerleader, talking me through times when I second-guessed myself and essentially building my confidence leading into the show. I highly recommend Toby, as stage presence is a significant factor when it comes to competing.   
What was it like working with your photographer Ali Sohrab for you shoot for Status publication? Ali was one of my favorite people I met at the Fitness Atlantic Show. I loved working with Ali and look forward to the opportunity to shoot with him again in the future. Ali not only is a highly-qualified photographer, but he knows how to take unique shots that not only show the athletes physique but also capture their personality. Additionally, Ali has a welcoming personality that helps the athletes feel comfortable and have some fun! Ali truly is an asset to the Status team. 
Describe your experience at the Fitness Atlantic show? It was an experience of a lifetime! I made so many wonderful memories I will have for life. The show itself is the best of its kind. From the production to the lighting, venue and prep leading up to the day – everything was seamless! Getting to meet Status Magazine’s Rodney, Ali and David was such a great opportunity and very inspiring! I also met so many passionate athletes whom I now call friends for life. Having my loved ones in the crowd cheering and to then win Fitness Diva and earned my Pro Card meant the world to me. The Fitness Atlantic Show was truly one of the proudest moments of my life.  


The Fitness Atlantic Show was truly one of the proudest moments of my life.  

5 things people don’t know about you 
I have my motorcycle license  
I know how to code (SAS) from a previous role in Credit Risk. I tend to pretend that this part of my career never happened as it’s a skill that I did not enjoy learning/using, nor does it suit my personality type!  
I was born in the gold mining capital of Australia – Kalgoorlie. Not many people have heard of it – particularly those not from Australia. It was fun growing up there as a kid; however, I am definitely a city girl and I am happy to have made it all the way to NYC.   
I was in the Army Cadets as a teenager, where I learned how to shoot rifles. 
I have many nicknames! At work, colleagues call me ‘Positive Pip’; while growing up, I was called ‘Pip the Skip’, ‘Freckle Monster’, and “Pippylongstocking’, to mention a few. More recently, I was given the nickname ‘Hip Hop’ – long story behind this one! The list goes on! 
If you could inspire one person, who would that be? And why? This is a tough question. I would describe the type of person I’d like to inspire as someone who wants to start weight training but is scared of entering the weight room. I want to say, Listen up - I was once just like you! I had no idea what I was doing in the weights area. My advice is to get out of your comfort zone and give it a go! Start with a trainer who can show you the ropes, or start training with some friends. The bodybuilding community is very welcoming and supportive – don’t be shy! 
Who inspires you? And why? I have a long list of fitness influencers who motivate me daily. However, when I think deeply about this question, I am always drawn back to my most significant inspiration – my mum. My mum has endured a lot throughout her life and has always come from a place of strength. My mum raised 4 children as a sole parent, including my eldest sister, who was born with severe cerebral palsy. Without going into all of the details, my mum did not work for many years in order to raise my sisters and me. In her 40s, my mum went back to university to obtain 2 degrees, one of which was in Law. After working for established law firms, my mother took a huge risk and started her own business in her late 50s. Today, her business is booming! I look at the many struggles that life has presented to my mum (several of which are not mentioned here), and no matter how far-fetched her dreams may have appeared, or how large the roadblocks were, or how much noise she heard from constant nay-sayers along the way, my mum continued to persist. I look at what she has achieved with all of the odds stacked against her. Talk about inspiring! I often think of my mum’s journey at times when I may be feeling a little lost or feeling sorry for myself, and it makes me think, “Snap out of it - keep pushing on.” As my mum would always say to me, “No pain, no gain, dear”.  

 As my mum would always say to me, “No pain, no gain, dear”.  

Party Pip still exists – however, it’s a much more balanced and healthier version! I still enjoy a glass of champagne or wine on occasion, but I’ve become more comfortable with saying, “I’m not drinking” and I now feel less  pressure to conform to the crowd. I have a healthier relationship with food after educating myself over the years on proper nutrition. I NEVER skip breakfast, and I make sure to eat plenty of meals throughout the day. I still love my carbs, and I will indulge in cookies and chocolates - I have a huge sweet tooth after all! – but it’s all about balance. My healthy eating habits, paired with my training, give me so much respect and love for my body! I don’t even look at the number on the scale anymore; I just go by how I feel. Fitness truly has been the best investment I have made in myself and I’m excited to see how much further I can progress, both mentally and physically. The saying you hear all the time – “Progress, not perfection” - is now a mantra that I’m proud to live by! 

I am Pip Fit. 

Instagram link: @pip_fitness  
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