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When you believe in yourself, you’ll become unstoppable, and that is what defines Sabrina in my opinion. Meeting this stunning, energized athlete/model for the first time will make her first impression unforgettable and fun. She is a full bundle of beauty, charm, positivity, dedication, and joy. Spotlight is lucky to have her! -Ali Sohrab 





Thanks for doing the interview Sabrina. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

As a young teenager, I can say I was a party chick, however, I decided it was time to grow up and live a better quality of life. I always loved helping others,  so I knew I could be a motivation to the people around me, and help them change their lifestyle and start loving themselves by training and eating right.   

I am founder of INSANITYMALTA / TRAININSANEMALTA, a licensed beach body coach(NYC)  and a full-time sales and purchasing executive in a ship handling company. I hold fitness classes daily together with my sister Mandy.  

I competed for the first time with the WBFF, November 2015 and went on to win 1st place fitness diva and Pro status. I have placed top 4 in the bikini category, participated in the WORLDS 2016 and ProAm show in the UK, where I placed 3rd.  

At the WORLDS 2017 London, I placed 11th out of 36 beautiful Pro Fitness Divas.




Training Plan: Training is a huge part of my life. I do fitness classes in my studio twice a day during the week, leaving the weekend for my gym sessions. During my off season, I take weekends a bit slower and tend to go for shorter and heavier sessions to help with muscle gain.  

Thoughts on HIIT, Power lifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other I absolutely love MAX INTERVAL training. It’s a new challenge every day. We challenge ourselves to push harder and get better results. Yoga and powerlifting are not something I would personally do. Crossfit/TRX  give you a higher adrenaline rush.

Nutritional & Supplements Coached by NATHAN DOMIN8 

 Describe you lead up to the Worlds. I managed to place 11th out of 36 Pro fitness models. It’s true I didn’t carry any gold medals home, however it was a huge achievement for me, it was to date my best condition, and I know I can do better, however I am very proud of what I took out on stage, when compared to the previous year. 


 I absolutely love MAX INTERVAL training. It’s a new challenge every day. We challenge ourselves to push harder and get better results.

How was your experience on the WBFF stage? I love the stage, especially the glam of the WBFF. It makes you feel like a real diva walking down the "Victoria Secret" catwalk with the whole world watching you. 

List some of the best things you noticed about WBFF 
The super talented designers always create outstanding bikinis and theme wear. Each outfit is made for you, to your likings, and with a specific vision. It is an exciting part of our journey. I always look forward to seeing what they have ready for us. 

Special skills? Motivator, positive, and bubbly personality.  

What do your parents mean to you? What did they teach you? 

They are my world. My family forms a very important role in my life. From a young age they always pushed my sister and I, to be independent and made sure we had the best education. We were always encouraged to reach further to our dreams and act upon them.  To work hard and achieve what we want and taught us that nothing worth having, comes easy. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for their constant support and encouragement. A quote mom always used is, "Spread your wings my little butterfly. Your wings are made to fly." It brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. 

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? 
STATUS magazine gives us the opportunity to be featured and talk about our experiences. Real life people with real stories and transformation journeys. It is a great opportunity for us.  

What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model? 
A dream come true.   

If you meet Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang, what question would you ask him. First of all, I would thank him for the amazing opportunities he gives us athletes 


What was it like working with photographer Ali Sohrab? 
This is simple. He’s fantastic, easy to work with, and very creative. An eye for perfection. I, absolutely, loved working with him.  




6 things people would not know about you. 

I love to eat (A LOT! 

I add chillies to everything.  

I'm a good listener.  

I can’t stay still for one minute/  

I talk a lot.  

I love selfies. My phone gallery is of them! 


Who inspires you? 

Hattie Boyde and Stephanie. Two champions I look up to who are, also, my friends. ShaunT creator of INSANITY and motivational speaker.  

Who do you wish to inspire? 
It has always been my dream to be able to help others, especially those who feel demotivated and alone. My dedication takes all of my “free” time and motivating others requires more work and energy, however, I love what I do and love the outcome. It’s the most rewarding thing, which makes every minute spent worthwhile. I am lucky to have many people who love and support my journey. 


I love what I do and love the outcome. It’s the most rewarding thing, which makes every minute spent worthwhile.

5 lessons you have learned: 

Never give up.  

Give all. 

Dream big.  

Trust the process. 

Be yourself and stick to that!  

Be yourself and stick to that! 


Favourite books and authors 
I guess I am too busy to read. I only manage to go through fitness magazines  

5 most important attributes you see in a person? Respect, loyalty, productive, responsible, and independent. 

Favourite Quotes: Trust and believe. Never stop believing in yourself.    


At last, please tell us where we can we follow you?

Instagram: @brina_boss.fitgirl 


Twitter: grima_s 




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