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FITNESS MODEL: Suzanne A. Lanting 


What impact did the MAGNUM team have on you?  Joining Magnum has completely flourished my personal and business life. It's been life changing for my husband and I. At one point of our business, we weren't doing well. It was difficult to leave behind what we love doing for years. When we finally decided to say yes to Magnum, that's when things turned around for the best!  It has greatly impacted our personal and business life by giving us the light we needed to continue doing what we love and share our passion.  It was one of the best decision we ever made and we couldn't have asked for more!  We are truly grateful for every opportunity that comes our way and the amazing people we meet because of Magnum. Team Magnum is outrageously very supportive, motivating & inspiring. Everyone has such golden hearts, share the same passion & are such great influencers.  


 We are truly grateful for every opportunity that comes our way and the amazing people we meet because of Magnum.


If someone asked you “Should I join Magnum ?” How would you answer them? If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and believe what Magnum stands for, integrity and honesty, then I would highly recommend you join them!  It can help you grow in so many ways as it did for me.  

Talk about your amazing husband Peter. Although he's a quite picky guy, especially when it comes to food, I wouldn't change a thing about him!  We're so much alike but not.  We're both scorpios and amazingly, we get along really well!  We do have our differences at times but the beauty of our relationship is that we can deal with it right away and move on.  He supports & motivates me in everything I do. He's got the biggest heart and people are drawn to him because of it. Fate brought us together and we're inseparable. We have the same outlook in life, share the same passions and enjoy doing everything together. Well, except for things like skydiving, that he would never do!  

Fate brought us together and we're inseparable. We have the same outlook in life, share the same passions and enjoy doing everything together.


Fitness Goals:  It's been 3 years since I've stepped on stage. Doing another show in a different organization would be one of my goals. Yoga!  That's definitely one of my other goals, my teammate Michelle MacDonald is freaking phenomenal!!!!!  Other than that, my main fitness goal is to just be healthy and enjoy all sorts of fitness activities while inspiring others to do the same.  


Bio: My background includes Vietnamese, Tagalog, French, Spanish, Chinese.  I'm the youngest of 10 children; 6 sisters (4 half-sisters) & 3 brother (2 half-brothers). We were poor but rich in life.  We lived a hard life growing up and my mom and siblings lived through the Vietnam war before escaping to the PI (4 siblings were left behind), where I was born months after.  My father, who lived in Baltimore at the time, provided for all of us.  We all moved to HI and I started first grade not knowing a single word of English (I spoke only fluent Tagalog & Vietnamese). Became a US citizen about 9 years later and was reunited with the rest of my siblings. I was fairly active in fitness before my teens and took up jazz, ballet and tap. I was on a dance team in high school and was going for a full scholarship to a University dance team before finding out I was expecting a baby. My college studies had to be put on hold. I took several semesters a few years later but later decided to get my certification as a medical assistant instead. My family owned a Hawaiian jewellery company for many years where I would work. I also worked in different medical fields for several years & had up to 4 jobs at one point lol.  I finally left that 9-5 job in my mid 20s and found interest in mortgage lending and real estate.   I've been in the fitness lifestyle training and supplement business since I met my husband over 7yrs ago.  So far it's been 10yrs+ in this industry.  I have 2 daughters (22 & 6), a step son who's 20, a grandson 16 months and another grandchild on the way!  

We were poor but rich in life.

 Thoughts on HIIt, Power lifting, TRX, Yoga, bodybuilding, other.  I love all sorts of training and I'm always willing to try new things!  I enjoy challenging myself and being able to mix up different styles of training.  I, also enjoy taking advantage of the outdoors and hike at least once a month. Yoga, is one I definitely need to include in my life!   

Nutritional & Supplements: These are my current supplements from Magnum:  Quattro, Primer, Acid, Carne Diem, G, Fixation, HI5, Opus, Ebrake, Afterburner, Gspring, Heat, Limitless & Rocket Science when I need a boost of energy. I, also, take a vegan probiotic/digestive enzymes & daily organic apple cider vinegar with my Magnum Greens & use it as a salad dressing.  

What do your parents mean to you?My parents mean the world to me. Because of them, I am the strong woman I am today. I am empowered by their never giving up attitude.  They were brought up living a hard life and worked so hard supporting all 10 children. During the last days before my dad passed, he literally continued to work from his bed until he couldn't even move or think because he wanted to make sure business was taken care of. That's always been in his nature, to work hard no matter what.  Doing things for people just because. He has taught me to stay strong no matter what life throws because I am the creator of my own destiny.   

What did they teach you? My parents taught me to do what makes me happy.  My dad was an entrepreneur most of his life so he taught me to always work hard for what I want. He did a lot for others without expecting compensation. He did things for others because he wanted to from his heart. I believe I have some of that attribute in me. I enjoy knowing that I can make someone's day a little brighter by the simplest gestures.  They both always encourage us to love each other no matter what.  

I enjoy knowing that I can make someone's day a little brighter by the simplest gestures.  

What separates Status from other fitness magazines? I love that Status features amazing athletes from different backgrounds, with unique stories & "Status" in their community who share the same passion in health and fitness.  

 What would it mean to you to become the next Status Fitness Cover-model? Omg!  If ever I became the next Status Fitness Cover model I really can't explain how that would make me feel!  Being able to share my own personal struggles in life and health would be a dream come true. So being on the actual cover of this phenomenal magazine I would be totally blown away!!!  A girl from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that's a huge accomplishment here!  I would let people know that anything is possible and dreams can come true if you stay true to your passion, keep being your unique self and never give up! 


If you could ask Status Editor-In-Chief, Rodney Jang one question what would that be? Why did you choose me?  Just a normal girl from a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? 

6 things people would not know about you. 

1). I crack my toes before I put my shoes on. 

2). I enjoy reading on topics that interest me. If it doesn't interest me & im required to read it, I can't help but to fall asleep!  All the time! 

3).  I came to the US as a first grader, I spoke not one word of English. I only spoke Tagalog & Vietnamese. 

4). I have good memories before I was 6yrs old living in the PI.  We were poor but very  rich in life.  

5). I'm very intuitive and am working on listening to my instincts more.  

6). I'll always find ways to make certain foods healthier and would rather spend time cooking food from scratch for a party than to just easily buy something from a restaurant.   

Who inspires you? My children/grandchildren inspire me the most. They are the reason why I could never give up on my health. I want to be here for as long as I can to see them grow up happy. Also, people who struggle from any health issues that won't stop at nothing to live life to the fullest and as healthy as possible.  they too inspire me because I live my life the same way. Some have it worse than me so that motivates me even more.  

Who do you wish to inspire? I wish to inspire anyone needing that motivation to just get started and never give up on their health and fitness goals.  I wish to inspire those who suffer from thyroid issues like myself, that there is a LIFE to be lived and you can look and feel well again by committing to yourself to stay motivated to do what it takes to get there and stay there!.  I personally could've simply given up how many times because it can be such a frustrating illness to deal with.  But it doesn't have to be. The choice is yours and have a purpose.  

Also, people who struggle from any health issues that won't stop at nothing to live life to the fullest and as healthy as possible.  they too inspire me because I live my life the same way.

Transformation story I was always active growing up; jazz, tap dance, street, hip hop, gymnastics. But my fitness journey began after I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism before my first daughter was a year old. If I had gone undiagnosed any longer, I would've suffered heart failure.  I was just about 80lbs+, I had muscle wasting and all the other endless symptoms.  I received thyroid ablation (iodine radiation) which resulted in me becoming hypothyroidism for life!  I then went up to 137lbs within months!  From that time on, I went on a mission to lose that weight & free myself from feeling the miserable symptoms of hypothyroidism. It's been 20+yrs and I've gone through a handful of doctors that could never care for my illness. It's been a roller coaster and I'm still learning about my body from this day.  I accept that I'll have to live with this for the rest of my life.  I will never give up on myself and succumb to feeling miserable. I've been there so many times so I know how it feels. My health is important to me so I will do what it takes to feel good inside and out.   Both of my 2 pregnancies I gained over 50lbs. My second daughter I lost nearly 70lbs within a year and competed in my second NPC bikini contest. It was never my intention to compete in any bikini show so soon but my transformation inspired me to just do it because I was proud of what I've gone through and wanted to share it with others that anything is possible!   

Life goals. Be healthy, stay fit, live life to the fullest, take risks, be adventurous, travel, be the light, inspire, empower others.  

5 lessons you have learned 

1). Never take things for granted  

2). Life is short so enjoy the simple things and each moment.  

3). Create memories.  

4). Always make time for those who mean to you, even if it's a simple text/message.  

5). Always Do good and good will come back to you ten folds.  


5 most important attributes you see in a person? 

1) Positive vibes 

2) Trustworthy  

3) Good Morals 

4) Good heart 

5) Sense of humour 

Advice you can give to children who want to start training?  Find the types of training you enjoy doing. Do it because you know it's good for your mind, body and soul. Do it whole heartedly and make it a part of your lifestyle because you're in this healthy fit lifestyle for the long run. Have fun! 

Favourite Quotes 

1) be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  

2) Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.  

3) Be the reason someone smiles today.  

4) Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.  

5) By doing what you love, you will inspire and awaken the hearts of others.  

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