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Today SPOTLIGHT is on WBFF Pro Tania Clark.

The first time I met Tania was in 2015 at the WBFF WORLDS in Las Vegas, the most glamourous fitness and fashion competition you can imagine. From the first moment we met at our the little mini shoot, I was inspired by her professional yet humble attitude. She was full of life, not to mention how incredible she looked. Fast forward to last year Atlantic City ProAm, and there she was with a better physique, more glow, and bigger smile. This time our mind was already set to make the photoshoot a memorable experience.  


Occupation:  I have a bachelors’ degree in Accounting from Birmingham Southern College.  Current occupation is a Senior Accounting Manager for Nelson Brothers Inc.  Employed with company now for 18 wonderful years.  


Fitness Goals:  Fitness goals to me is a lifelong journey to improve your overall health and well-being first and foremost.  I always strive to work on my strength, endurance and continually to challenge myself to reach higher fitness levels It’s about being the healthiest version of you that you can achieve.  It’s never a competition with someone else, this is about you and your journey for a lifetime of goals to a healthy and happy lifestyle.   


It’s never a competition with someone else, this is about you and your journey for a lifetime of goals to a healthy and happy lifestyle.  


Training Plan:  I usually train 5-6 days a week.  Depending on what goals I have set for myself, I will train certain body parts 2 times a week to work on muscle development. Also, I incorporate high intensity training as well which includes spin, plyos and kinesis (combines core, cardio and strength training).  I do some steady state high intense cardio 2-3 times a week about 20 minutes.  I definitely get plenty of sleep which is so important for muscle recovery and overall healthI do change up my routine at least monthly on my lifting exercises.  This prevents plateau on muscle development and endurance. Your muscles constantly adapt to what you put them through each week, so if you do the same exercise for months on end and the same weight then the changes most likely will not give you the results you are trying to reachAlso, it keeps me more motivated to change up the routine on a monthly basis, which can get boring and lose your enthusiasm.  

What are your thoughts on all the different training methods out there: My thoughts on what kind of training everyone should be practicing depends on each person. We all should find a training program that you enjoy and will remain consistent to maintain a healthy lifestyleAlso ask yourself, what are your goals you are setting for yourself?  Have a plan set and that will help you determine how you want to start.  That can be overwhelming for many people, so setting a plan will get you on your way to your goals much faster.  Also, consistency is key to see and feel changes in your physique.  For me, HIIT training is a great way to burn calories in a short period of time and is one form of the best cardio to get maximum results and also builds endurance.    The TRX equipment is some of the best exercises you will do to build core, strength and is a perfect combination to incorporate in your weight training.  Another very important aspect in training is stretching to minimize injuries and also better mobility in your weight training.   Last, but definitely not the least, is weight liftingMy absolute love and passion!  Weight lifting can help promote lean muscle mass and for older women like me can offset the decline in muscle we face as we age.  Also fat loss as you know the more muscle you maintain increases your metabolic rate and can accelerate fat loss during and after exercise.  Also increased energy, heart health and bone health which in older women is a real issue as we lose our bone density as we age.  Last but not least is stress relief!  OH YEAH!  I feel so relaxed when I am done with my session.  Best medicine out there for stress and a good night’s sleep. 



Best medicine out there for stress and a good night’s sleep is weight lifting. 

Nutrition and supplements:  I take the holistic approach when it comes to my nutrition, which is a diet rich in organic protein, animal and plant sources, eggs, wild caught fish, moderate healthy fats like coconut oil, almonds, ghee and avocados, plenty of low sugar fruits like berries, all citrus fruits and apples.  My favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli and asparagus.  No processed foods, minimal sugar, no dairy or gluten, however I do enjoy some grains, organic rice, quinoa and oatmeal.  After many years of suffering since my teenage years with Irritable Bowl Syndrome IBS, which was very debilitating at times, by switching to whole food nutrition, no gluten or dairy my gut health is now restored and no longer suffer.  Age 45 is when I started my health transformation and fast forward to today at age 51, I cannot express enough how much better I feel and proven fact that with the proper foods you can heal your body.   

Sure, I have my indulgences and I am here to tell anyone to enjoy their favorites, but to always keep to a minimum by planning your cheat meals.  I do, however keep my cheats as clean as possible in order to maintain my gut health.  Sugar is what I keep to a minimum day to day and then allow myself to have sweets on my cheat day which is over the weekend.  We do cook majority of our meals at home.  I am a huge home body and love to cook, so it works for me and my family.  When we do decide to eat out my favorites are sushi or a nice juicy steak and potato.   

 I cannot express enough how much better I feel and proven fact that with the proper foods you can heal your body.  

How was your experience with the WBFF: The experience on a WBFF stage is absolutely a huge feeling of such accomplishment of yourself and the hard work and dedication it takes to make it to show day.  The stage is nothing short of spectacular especially in Las Vegas.  No matter the outcome of placing it’s so much more to me.  Of course we want to do our best, including myself, but the entire process to stage is what makes competing with the WBFF so special.  Experiencing the journey is so rewarding, wearing beautiful costumes and expressing your own unique personality on stage and the most important just have fun!  Paul and Allison Dillett go to great lengths to bring the most spectacular shows that embraces health and fitness.   

My last worlds show was 2015, Las Vegas and leading up to that show was a great experience.  Each prep has it’s own unique and special place in my heart.  This was my 2nd time at worlds as a pro and it’s nothing short of spectacular and had the time of my life.  A lot of planning and preparation goes into getting ready for the show.  Designing a bikini and theme wear for the show, hard core training, maintaining a healthy nutrition plan of course, and good sleep all to bring your best to stage.  I do plan on competing this year at the 2018 WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel and so excited about competing in Las Vegas again.  A lot of special memories and ready to make new ones.  

The best things to me about the WBFF: WBFF Staff and beauty services are amazing.  Being a part of a Family Unit with the WBFF organization and my Team BSH. Beautiful  Location. Meeting amazing WBFF competitors from around the globe. Themewear Round 

Special Skills:  I have a hobby and create my own Paleo recipes and currently food blog on social media.  When I started Paleo over 5 years ago and made such a positive impact in my life, I was so interested in learning more so I did a lot of research and study of the Paleo diet.  I then got busy in my kitchen and started creating my own recipes.  I spent many weekends working on recipes, flops and failures and eventually became a success.  I even started a small business selling Paleo baked goods to a local juice bar and absolutely loved it!!  I was doing this part time along with my full time job, which is an accountant, so it was really hard to keep up the pace and had to decide to stop my business.  I feel this is just a temporary set-back and my hopes are to start again in the future and write my own cookbook.   

What did your Parents mean to you and teach you Gaynelle Turner, my mother, AKA Granny, as my kids call her by, is my rock and such a huge influence in my life.  She is 85 years old gets up every day walks the track and still works 5 days a week part time in a church nursery.  My mom raised me, my brother Mark and sister LuAnne on her own earning a secretary salary and no child support. We lived in a 2 bedroom small cramped apartment, but we had a very happy childhood.  I remember going to the grocery store with just $10 in our pockets to buy a week’s worth of groceries and at times our electricity turned off.  However, my mom still would get up every day put in a hard day’s work and always loved us unconditionally. Even through her darkest times she always put us first to make sure we were taken care of and to this day she is my biggest hero.  I owe all of my successes in life because of my mom. When it came time to go to college, she did not have enough money for me to attend, so I got a full time job right out of high school and started taking classes part time and paid for it myself and at age 25 I graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in accounting from Birmingham Southern College.  I truly appreciate my education even more since I did it on my own.  I know she would have paid for it if she had the money, but honestly I am super proud I did it on my own.  Also, she taught me to always put in 110% in all of your jobs no matter if you are flipping burgers or a CEO of a companyMy mom made me the person I am today.  Even though I came from humble beginnings, without the hard times I experienced, I don’t think I would appreciate the good times near as much if my life were different.  Her extreme drive and determination amazes me and I am very thankful that she my mother and super hero!  

Even though I came from humble beginnings, without the hard times I experienced, I don’t think I would appreciate the good times near as much if my life were different.   


What separates Status from other Fitness Magazines: Status magazine represents a total brand to fitness and health.  I feel that Status works diligently to talk about true success stories of how fitness has touched their lives in a significant way and to be a positive role model to help others in their journey to better health.   Also to honor all the men and woman that compete in all categories of fitness and bodybuilding and their great accomplishments.  For me personally, all competitors are winners, trophy or not, and Status celebrates each person they feature and to me that is a uniqueness that other magazines lack.  Also great tips on exercise, nutrition and supplements that are such great resources that reach all ages and levels of fitness.  Status is a magazine everyone can relate to and gain great resources for their lifestyles to better health. 


What would it mean to you to become a “Status Symbol” Wow!!  That would be an absolute dream come true to be on the cover of Status Fitness!! Just to be considered is a true honor and so appreciate the opportunity.   I feel that being on the cover of Status is a story of inspiration and motivation that helps others on their personal health journey.  My message would be “don’t let growing old stop you from getting in shape.  You can transform your body at any age, I am currently 51 and feel that I am in the best shape of my life.  You just have to start and stay consistent.  Also to give advice on weight lifting on the truths and also the myths that many woman shy away from due to hear say about getting bulky or it’s just a man sportYou don’t have to set out to be a body builder to transform your body.  Strength training can be achieved in many forms and is the best exercise that builds strength, slows down aging, happier outlook on life, improves shape of body, improves health, and builds self-confidence.  I believe each person has to make that decision on their own to change their lifestyle.  You can’t do it for them, they have to decide for themselves.  That’s why I hope whether it’s my story or someone elses will inspire them to say “yes today is the day” and set it in motion and no turning back.     

I also would love to share my love of Paleo nutrition to others and how I got started and where I am today and how it has benefited my health tremendously.  The old sayingyou are what you eat could not be more true especially today.  It’s about making good decisions each day on foods and to seriously think about your body as a well-tuned machine and by feeding it with proper nutrition so that machine can run efficiently.  So many suffer with illnesses today and so many of those illnesses can be healed thru proper food changes. It happened to me and I know it can help so many others and that is why I am so passionate about my love of good nutrition and want to help by sharing with others my success story. 


It’s about making good decisions each day on foods and to seriously think about your body as a well-tuned machine and by feeding it with proper nutrition so that machine can run efficiently.  


If you could ask Status Fitness Magazine Editor in Chief Rodney Jang any industry question, what would that be? First it would be a great opportunity to meet Rodney Jang in person and thank him for the opportunity and consideration to be in Status.  My question would be, what has been your most inspiring transformation story you published and why was this your favorite? 


How was it like working with you Status photographer Ali Sohrab: Working with Ali is always fun, he has the best ideas to create fitness photography that makes it fun, fresh and always wants you to bring your best.  This is the 2nd time I have worked with Ali and I plan on shooting again at the WBFF Worlds Las Vegas August 2018.  He is an absolute joy and so enjoy his enthusiasm and love of photography!   


List 6 things people may not know about you:               

Mother of 2 daughters Brooke Age 28 and Abby Age 18 

Food Blogger on social media Paleo and Keto recipes, my favorite hobby 

Friday is always my off night from training  

My favorite food is almond butter  

I am addicted to buying shoes  

Another family member is my dog Lili a long hair mini dashsund and sweet as pie! 


Who inspires you: Inspiration is definitely my mom.  At age 85 she gets up every morning and walks the track and then heads to her part time job at the church nursery.  Actually she can run circles around me and love her energy and enthusiasm she carries at all times.  Her health is excellent and takes no prescription medications which is almost unheard of in today’s society.  She is such an inspiration and that you should never let age stop you from fulfilling your life and celebrate each day and my hope is that I am as lively and active when I reach her age.   


Life is a story, so what will be your story as you look back on it one day?


Who do you wish to inspire? I hope to inspire women my age that you can achieve your health goals and always remember it’s your journey to be the best you that you can achieve.  Believe in yourself is what I say each day I wake up and keep a positive attitude and live each day to the fullest.  Don’t have excuses to not achieve that goal, but instead find a way to get to that goal.  Life is a gift to each of us and it’s up to us to make each day count.   


My transformation story: At age 45 at that time, my energy was low, suffered with IBS since childhood, and thyroid issues that I was unaware of for many years.  It was time my health took front seat, so I can enjoy life to the fullest.  I started the Paleo diet a friend of mine suggested along with my weight training.  About 3 months later I started seeing dramatic results and after that I never looked back.  I knew that with both the proper nutrition and my training goals that I was headed in the right direction.  Since I was seeing such great results, I decided to compete in my very first figure competition.  I thought it would be a great way to challenge myself and set another goal.  I trained hard core for 2 years, and in May, 2014 I was rewarded my pro card with the WBFF organization at age 47.  I could not be any prouder of obtaining this achievement!  I am extremely blessed to be at this point in my life and how fitness has transformed my body and spirit.  Looking forward to so many exciting things in 2018 both in fitness and my personal life with my family.  They are my cheer team and support system, which I would not be here today talking with you if it were not for their love and support. 


What are your life goals: Life goals are to finish my cookbook, work on my nutrition degree so I can transition one day from the financial sector to the fitness sector full time.  Also, to live a long and happy life with my husband of 21 years.  We both love weight lifting together and work hard to stay healthy and fit and be an example to our daughters.  My daughters are my world and just to watch them grow into young ladies and see their future achievements and also be there in their struggles as well.  I want to be there for them just like my mom was for me growing up.   


5 lessons learned  

Self-Discipline  - Maintain discipline in your training and give it 110% 

Patience – Success does not happen overnight, takes consistency and hard work 

Self-motivation – Stay motivated can be one of the toughest but don’t lose sight of your goal 

Stay Humble – Never take anything for granted and always be thankful  

Self-worth – Always feel you are worthy and never sell yourself short! No negative thoughts or self-doubt.  Stay positive! 



Favorite Books: I am usually reading books on nutrition or a good cook bookGreat reads:Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson. Grain Brain – Dr. David Perlmutter. The Ketogenic Diet for Athletes – Charlotte Campbell. Great Cookbooks: Practical Paleo – Diane Sanfilippo. The Low-Carb Vegan Cookbook – Eva Hammond 


5 most important attributes I see in a person: Sense of humor. Ambition. Self-motivated. Kindness. Compassion 


Advice for children who want to start training: The best advice I can give you on training with your children is first have them active in some type of sport.  My daughter was first a gymnast at age 4 and now in competitive cheering currently age 18Abby enjoys weight lifting with me and my husband to build strength and endurance and to minimize injuries.  Depending on the age of your child if they are really young outside play and very minimal TV and gaming time.  Also pick something you can do together like swimming, bike riding, or joggingI think as long as children are extremely active in sports and families can plan some type of exercise activity together then they are getting great benefits of a healthy lifestyle and setting a great example for them and their future to grow up healthy and happy.  Depending on your child’s age, weight training is a great exercise as long as they are taught properly and start very slow.  Also the nutrition needs to go hand in hand with the exercise.  Extremely important especially in our society today with all of the over-abundance of fast foods, sodas, sugar snacks and not enough whole foods their bodies need to grow.  I suggest cooking the majority of your meals at home is the best gift you can give your family.  I know we all have busy schedules but make time to plan and cook those meals.  We love our children with all of our hearts and want the best nutrition possible so they can grow up healthy and strong.   

Favorite Quotes 

  1. Life is a story, so what will be your story as you look back on it one day? 

  1. Laughter is the best medicine 

  2. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally.  It comes from what you do consistently” 

  3. Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable 

Where can one connect with you on Social Media:  

Instagram @taniawbffpro 


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