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It’s a new year.  For many of us, that means an opportunity to make time for change.  I hate cardio.  So what do I do? Make the resolution to try new ways of getting my heart rate up that I have never done before.  First stop… Jazzercise.  I am NOT a dancer at all.  Coordination with my feet is not a strong point.  And honestly, I had always pictured these classes still as 80’s style Jane Fonda workouts in leotards.  To my surprise, Jazzercise hasgone through some rebranding the last few years and has really started to mix things up!


My first class was a little rough.  I felt like I was always four counts behind everyone.  But, I went again to give it another try.  It was easier and a lot more fun as I started to learn the routines, some of the steps and then just let myself go with the music!  Before too long, almost a full 60 minutes of cardio was done and it felt like I just had been dancing, with the occasional lunge and plie (more commonly known as a squat to me!)  




The moral of the story is that I tried something new… and I like it!  Exercise should be fun and something that you enjoy.  Too often we all get tied up in the details of what we think will get us the results that we want, that we forget about the power of fun.  Finding something that you want to keep doing long term is key to improving your overall health.  Sure, you can do something that you hate for a short period of time, but then the burnout comes.  What new forms of exercise are you going to try? 


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