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I recently turned 34. This means that I am officially in the “mid life” category and I can check off the box that reads 34-45 whenever I fill in one of those “important forms”. It also puts me in the dreaded “you’re the same age as my mom” category, something every teacher of Junior High kids loathes hearing. It probably doesn’t help that I tell my students stories of “back in the day” before the advent of i-everything when I used to bring my Walkman to the gym. Confusion and horror fill their faces. Don’t worry, I tell them, then the Discman came out and I could actually skip to the track I wanted to hear without waiting for the cassette to rewind. #thestruggleisreal. I forget that they have no idea what a Discman is, let alone a cassette, and that the image of someone working out with a device the size of a lunchbox strapped to her arm is enough to make anyone think I am from the stone age.

 It also puts me in the dreaded “you’re the same age as my mom” category...

Luckily, the technology has changed since I first started working out and my 34 years have left me with the wisdom to know that age truly is just a number. That being called mom “accidentally” by a 14 year old is not a reason to throw in the towel on all attempts at maintaining my healthy lifestyle and any kind of semblance of youth. In fact, the higher those double digits get, the better equipped we are for life, especially when it comes to living fit. Take my mom, for example. At 64 years old, she jazzercises her way through every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and has done so for the last 20 years. There is no doubt that she is fitter than most of those 14 years olds who sit open mouthed at the mention of grape vining and thigh mastering. And although he supports the local gym by purchasing a membership every year, my dad prefers to keep his membership tag as a keychain souvenir while playing hockey, swimming and golfing his way to health instead. Both prove the point, however, that the key to staying fit at any age is simply to find something that you enjoy doing, and actually do it!

In fact, the higher those double digits get, the better equipped we are for life, especially when it comes to living fit.


Older and Wiser

As someone who has evolved in their fitness journey through a lot of trial and error, I can tell you that the key to living a healthy life in your 30s and beyond is making fitness and wellness a priority. It also means cutting out those quick fixes, fads and trends and finding something that fits into the reality of what your daily life is like. Only have 20 minutes? Utilize that by completing a quick HIIT session – no fancy equipment or gym necessary. Struggling with a knee problem? Try something low impact that still packs a punch and keeps you moving. Watching Netflix for more time than you would like to admit? ‘Chill’ more (it will get that heart rate pumping), or meal prep while watching (‘chill’ time optional…kitchen utensils could get in the way). Regardless of the how you incorporate living fit into your life, what really matters is that you, in the words of a rather elderly yet fit Jedi Master once said, do or do not, there is no try. 


The AdvantAGE:

If those double digits have you less than believing in the fit life force, then think about the following benefits your multiple birthdays have given you:

  • More patience. Results take time and are a product of hard work. With age comes the wisdom and experience to know that hard work will lead to results, making you less likely to give up.

  • Less ego. We all want to look good as a by-product of being healthy, but it is no longer the sole motivation for living fit. We want to live longer, avoid sickness and maintain our mobility as we accumulate those calendar years.

  • Muscle maturity. Especially for those who lift weights, years of intense training will show increased definition, and this, along with increased energy, stronger immune function, better sleep, strength and endurance will continue to keep you looking and feeling your best.

  • An understanding of how to plan and schedule so that you can work in that workout.

  • Knowledge of what works for your body and utilizing this knowledge to avoid injury and aim for longevity.

  • The ability to set realistic and attainable fit goals that are in line with living a balanced life.

  • An appreciation for your body and a willingness to listen to it.


Like a Fine Wine

It’s clear that we only get better with age, so set aside your “I’m too old for this” attitude and refuse to see that number as a barrier to living the fit life. You’re never too old to get started and never too old to keep going. Set a goal, find something you enjoy doing and recognize that you have all the above tools in your fluorescent fanny pack to help you. Whatever stage of life you’re at, you deserve to invest in your health for a fit future well into your 30s and beyond.


You’re never too old to get started and never too old to keep going.

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About Joanna Hews

Joanna Hews is a hard working ‘fitchick’ who keeps it real and all natural in the gym, in the kitchen and in life. As a full time teacher, daughter, friend and travel junkie, Jo knows that no excuse is a good excuse. Her motto is: ‘Lift heavy, love hard and live fully.’ At 34 years old, she is setting new goals and engaging in new challenges each and every day.