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Why does everyone want to RUN?!?

As a new mom again, I find myself in the conversation with other moms all too frequently that centers around post-partum fitness and training.  And more often than not, many of them are waiting for their medical providers to give them clearance to start running. 


The questions I get are:

  • How many miles do you do when start running again?
  • Is there a good sports bra that you have found?
  • Are you doing long runs or do you do interval training too?
  • How many days per week do you run?


Let’s get a few things out there…. 

#1 I DO NOT run.  Really much at all.  In fact, I hate it.  There are maybe a few workouts here or there that I will sprint.  But that is it. I lift weights.  Heavy weights.  And it makes me feel amazing. 

#2 Why do YOU want to run? To get your body back? Well, that probably isn’t going to get you there alone.  Now, if you are someone that just absolutely loves getting out on the road to feel that wind on your face, is addicted to timing intervals and want to run, run, run every minute of the day, then absolutely do what you LOVE.  If you don’t love it, or if it hurts you, do not do it!

#3 Do you want to pee your pants for the rest of your life? Seriously though, your pelvic floor just went through a LOT of trauma to carry that beautiful little munchkin for the last 9 months and then to get through delivery.  It needs time to heal.  Running puts a force of about 15x straight into your personal shock absorber… your core.  And what is a part of your core? Your pelvic floor.  Be nice to it. And I’m not just talking about kegels.  There are some great postpartum exercises that can take you 10 minutes a day to focus on brining that little internal trampoline back.  

#4 Your hormones are still probably going a little crazy.  One in particular, relaxin, is responsible for making your joints loose to be able to deliver.  It can also affect your other joints and ligaments…. knees? Ankles? So if this is still elevated and you go run and put that crazy amount of force on them, things can go wrong.  Very wrong.  And you have a child to carry around, so be smart. 



Whatever your goals are after baby, just be smart.  And listen to your body.  Do not do anything that you are doing because someone told you that is what you should do.  Find things that you enjoy and most importantly do not make you hurt or get injured.



Sara Sutherland is an internationally published fitness model, cover model, personal trainer, nutrition certified coach, blogger, brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.  She lost 85lbs post-pregnancy and has a strong passion for helping others through proper nutrition and exercise. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and has launched a free habits-based e-book “The Healthy Habits Challenge” that is available for download at thehealthyhabitschallenge.com.  She also continues to post to her blog, fastonomics.com, where she shares ideas for accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.  Full online training program, workout app, and nutrition coaching programs available at sarasutherlandfitness.com