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VPX Sports and Redline presents
WHAT:  Status Fitness Magazine's The World's Top 100 Sexiest Fitness Models Cover Contest
WHO:  Females 18 and older
WHEN:  Monthly, beginning at the start of each month, January 1, 2010 to Dec 1, 2011 (12 months)
COST:  Free! This is a free and fun way to generate high quality exposure for yourself. Many of our entries have gone on to recieve contracts from various supplement and industry companies. Our 2010 cover model winner Melissa Morrison was featured on our cover with NFL superstar Michael Vick and earned herself a nice contract with Core Synergy. Many of the entries mingle with the other contestants and quite a number of friendships have been generated. If you put a lot in, you will get a lot out.
Please Note: Integrity is important to us at Status Fitness. Only models that register can participate in our exciting cover contest. We will never automatically add any model at any time for publicity. Such practice is unethical and unprofessional. We are proud to be the first magazine to hold such a contest and equally as proud to have a wide variety of participants from all backgrounds of life.
HOW IT WORKS:  Each of the 12 contests (1 every month) will begin at the start of each month (beginning Jan 1) and run through the last day of the month. The contestant with the most votes after the voting period ends will win the monthly contest. Each month ends on the last day of the month at 12am PST.
DEADLINES: Entries are due by noon on the last day of the preceding month to qualify for the next month’s contest. For example entries submitted by noon PST Jan. 31 will be eligible for February's contest. The cut off for January is the 8th at 12PM PST. See FAQ page for deadlines.
WHAT YOU GET: Monthly winners earn a spot in the finals. The top 4 runners-up also get a berth in the finals.
EDITOR'S CHOICE: Each month, the Editors of Status Fitness Magazine will evaluate every entry for marketability, quality registration form answers, and passion for the industry etc and will select, on average, 1-2 additional athletes to move into the finals. To be eligible, athletes must have a minimum number of votes. Select athletes will be eligible for the Status Fitness Status Symbol Model Section - based on quality of images, and a minimum of 300 votes in a one month period. At the end of the 12 month period, Status will have selected, by vote and Editor's Choice, 100+ of the world's sexiest fitness models.

OPEN CASTING CALL: Each year we may put out a public call to photographers and models to submit their best photos for the contest. Photographers and models who have the photographer release may submit within the timeline provided by Status Fitness.
FINALS: One winner will be chosen from the 12 monthly winners. Top 100 will be printed provided they can supply a professional photograph that meets the Status Fitness level of quality. This is paramount. For reference of regular Status Fitness photographers, please view the Status Symbol features, as well as the photographer listing in each issue. Please note: Photos will be rejected if our team feels the photo doesn't meet Status Fitness standards. Photos, and similar photos that appear publically, online, in print elsewhere will not be usable. This extends to overall winner as well as those placing 2-100. An exclusive shoot for your cover feature is appreciated. We can arrange this if you are unsure about your photographer or unsure about images you have that haven't been made public at any time. If an approved photo is not received, the models name will be mentioned at the end of the magazine feature without any photo. Photos will be rejected if the submitted shots, or the likeness of the same, are public. This means, we will not accept any photos that have been shared on social media, posted online, or submitted to any other magazine or webzine.
(To reiterate: If you place in the Top 100 after our social media and photographer judging process, you will need to provide a high resolution professional photograph that meets the high standard of photography always present in Status Fitness that has never been made public in any way. No classless, tasteless, overtly sexy photos will be accepted. If photos do not meet our strict criteria, you may be bumped to a position between 2 and 100. We REQUIRE ONLY professional photos for the Top 100. THIS IS A MUST!!! Photos from a "professional" photographer don't necesarily mean the photo is professional. Lighting, pose, tan, make-up, everything needs to be on point. Status Fitness holds the rights to reject any photo not meeting our critical eye. If a model cannot provide us with a Status quality level professional photo, we will go through the 2-100 placements and choose the photo we like the most to ensure our integrity for showcasing great photos remains consistent. Those placing 2-100, average photos/snapshots may not be accepted for print. Deadline for high resolution print photos (minimum of 3MB, vertical format), along with written photographer release, is August 1 of the same year as the finals. We feel this gives ample time to secure a high quality professional image.)
ENTER: You can enter once per month.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photographers get full photo credit on the site provided the models provide the appropriate information. Status Fitness assumes all images submitted are rights-released/shared by the photographer/model and are released to Status Fitness for use on the website, social media, and in print. There is no monetary value to use of images in the contest. Please note that once images are submitted, there will be NO exchanges unless image is of poor quality or doesn't meet the Status Fitness criteria. Images may be deleted without notice, or may not be added, so please ensure they are decent images that meet the size guidelines. For print opportunities, we will only accept photos that have never been made public, or any photos closely resembling the selected shot.
VERY IMPORTANT: Images need to be vertical, approximately 720 pixels in height. If the images are too small, our system won't accept them and you will have to resubmit. If they are over 1MB, we may refuse to add them, so please ensure they are the above measurements and less then 1MB. Thank you.
Please read the FAQ page before registering.