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Media Kit

Status Fitness Magazine is now in its 9th year as a  Fitness and Bodybuilding publication.  Status has seen huge growth in terms of size, circulation, distribution, editorial, and public awareness.   

Status is continually building an industry leading team in bodybuilding, fitness, training, nutrition, sports supplementation, science, and physique contests.   Each issue, Status has a large section on training, where the biggest names in bodybuilding and MMA share their personal training plans and secrets with us.  As well, each issue we provide an exclusive training plan of a female star, such as Jen Hendershott or Jenny Lynn. In addition to the training programs of the best bodybuilders in the world we also report on the best athletes, such as UFC standouts Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and Georges St. Pierre, or NFL athletic gods such as Vernon Davis. Training is a key focus of Status Fitness Magazine.  Status commissions respected and passionate experts in the fitness industry to write their own digest-style columns certain to provide every reader - no matter what their fitness levels - something of value.   

With all this appealing and constructive content, Status made the creative decision to deliver this information in the most eye-catching, appealing, and attractive way possible.  Status believes that if you make an article or feature look interesting and entertaining, the likelihood of a person reading through it increases dramatically.  Based on this, Status works extremely hard in producing graphically pleasing layouts throughout. The media stock used is thick and high quality, allowing the color to display vividly and vibrantly. We believe a high quality magazine product will maintain the interest of its readers.   

It is one thing to produce a high quality, content rich product; it is another thing to get it into the hands of the target market. We realize that no matter how good our product is, if it does not get extensive and specific distribution, it carries little value. Knowing this, quality distribution is important to us. Status is distributed in North America and currently can be found in a blend between full USA and Canada newsstands and direct market sales outlets.  These outlets include locations that cater to our market: people who spend money on sports nutrition products, such as, Lone Star Distribution (over 5000 sports nutrition stores), GNC Canada, and Popeye’s, amongst others.  Tradeshows and Fitness and Bodybuilding contests are great opportunities for us to showcase our magazine and get it into the hands of our consumers. Status also attends most UFC events, broadening the magazine to the masses that attend those events. We are focusing the majority of our distribution through these venues. 

Status also produces its own Status Fitness Supermodel Calendar, which was originally launched in 2009. The 2010 edition will be Status’ second year of this extremely successful endeavor. Industry renowned photographer/designer TC Chang joined our team from the successful “Fit Wings” calendar program to collaborate with Status in developing the highest quality, most prestigious calendar ever produced.  We feature the biggest names in the industry, including Jennifer Nicole Lee, Jamie Eason, and Timea Majorova, among others.   We recognize the importance of internet marketing when creating awareness.  Therefore, Status puts a strong emphasis on promoting the magazine and its partners via the web and collects constant direct target market email addresses in a host of creative methods (surveys, subscribers, tradeshows, online contests, etc.) in order to share opportunities for Status, its readers and its advertising partners. Strong positive awareness is a win-win-win for all involved. At Status, we are doing our best to produce and distribute a high quality, content filled fitness magazine that bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts in USA and Canada can enjoy.