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Julie McGraa brings a wealth of life experience to Status Fitness Magazine and is an active advocate for mental health in her community.  She is a wife, a nationally published fitness model, a writer, a bikini competitor, a self-love/self-confidence advocate, and mother of three wonderful children, two of whom are adopted. 

Julie has spent the better part of her adult years working with children who suffer from mental health concerns due to prenatal drug and alcohol exposure. Julie is raising a child who is considered high needs and lives at a very high anxiety level. Julie believes that mental health is not a topic that needs to be ignored but discussed openly in a manner where it is inclusive of everyone around us and put forth in a manner with patience, love, and acceptance. She strongly believes that one of the main keys, in order to help those around you, is to practice self-care and self-love. In doing so, Julie thinks that it allows you to make sure your own mental well-being is being taken care of. She has found that, through fitness and nutrition, she has been able to build her own self-love/self-care and truly see the effects that it has had on her life and her children's lives. Julie strongly feels that it comes down to realizing that this is your journey and not someone else’s and your mental health needs to come first. 

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