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For almost three decades Nancy has coached thousands of people to achieve optimal health and fitness from gym novices to fitness professionals. Nancy’s passion for fitness has led her to an incredible, rewarding, and diverse career in the international fitness, media, and modeling industry landing various magazine covers and features in publications like Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Status, Optimize, and Iron Man. Thanks to having a natural camera personality, she has also hosted prestigious events such as, Olympia, Toronto Pro Supershow, and Arnold Sports Festival, interviewing high-caliber sports celebrities, UFC fighters, and legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. As a former co-host for Living Beautiful Radio, she is dedicated to sharing stories and advice and passionate about spreading a positive, uplifting message that helps people live beautifully inside and out. She has inspired and transformed thousands of women to be fit, confident and the best version of themselves no matter their age.

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